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Are you working on a Flying Witch Panel quilt for Quilt Fest? In order to hang these quilts so people can choose their favorites, we need you to register them prior to Quilt Fest. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to register the quilt, or send an email to Louise Mudd at The information we need is the NAME of the quilt, WHO made the quilt, WHO quilted it and the SIZE of the quilt. These quilts will be on display and a Viewers' Choice ribbon will be awarded for the top three places. Prizes of $100 for first, $75 for second, and $50 for third will be awarded, so be sure to pre-register your quilt so we have a spot reserved to show it off! The quilt needs to arrive on Monday September 16, between 3-5 in the lobby of the conference center or Tuesday September 17, at the registration desk before 5 pm.  

The Witches' Hats and Broom challenges also need to be displayed and we need to plan space for displaying those too! If you plan on entering either of these two challenges, Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to register the item, or let Josephine Keasler know at We'd like to receive these with the same delivery times as the quilt challenge entries.  Email Josephine to make arrangements for delivery if you need a different time.  Viewers' Choice prizes are $50 for first and $25 for second place winner on the Hats and also on the Brooms.

Deadline to register (via email or online) for these challenges is September 7th

Remember, if you did not purchase your panel from the Utah Quilt Guild for the panel challenge for this year (see above), you will need to pay the $10 entry fee to participate. Only panels purchased directly from the UQG have the entry fee included in the price.  If you need to pay any entry fees ($10 for panels purchased outside of UQG, $5 for Broom, $5 for Hat), you can mail a check to Josephine Keasler, 1062 W Grainery Cove, 84065-7129 or simply pay when you arrive at Quilt Fest!
Need more details or have questions? Please contact Josephine Keasler

Quilt Fest Challenge Entry