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103: 103 - The Land of Oz - Retreat THURSDAY table rental

Retreat Room – Back by popular demand!

        Our retreat room, to go with this year’s theme, will be called “The Land of Oz.” You know, where all the magic begins.

This is the place where you can reserve a table so you can sew to your heart’s content, and leave your work in progress while you go to class or lunch or to the venders or to bed. Your things will be watched over.

We will be doing table reservations again. After you register you can send in your request for a table. Come sit with your friends, or sit with someone new and make a new friend. If you come with someone else, you both have to be registered. Only one of you need to send in a request, but put both names on the request. The email address to register for a “Retreat room” table is                     After the tables are assigned, you will receive a return email telling you what table you have been assigned to.

Please DO NOT bring personal irons.

Welcome to “The Land of OZ”

103: 103 - The Land of Oz - Retreat THURSDAY table rental

$ 20.00
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