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400: 400 - Bodacious Big Thread Applique, Quilting & More By: Susan Cleveland

Level: All Levels

Time: Friday All Day,

8:30-11:30 AM & 2:00-5:00 PM

Price: $67.50 / $90.00

Contact Teacher:

Pattern Fee: Precision & Panache book or $8-$9 pattern (all available in class)

Machine: Required


Class Description: Learn to stitch with heavy decorative threads through the machine's needle for appliqueing and quilting, to stuff

applique, make prairie points with stitching and embellishments, use freezer paper for quilting designs and for designing an interestingly-shaped quilt ... while creating a precious little piece! Your choice of three patterns. (Happy Daisy 9"x11", Joy In My Heart 9"x11", Hippie Daisies 11"x20")

Class Supply List:Fabric/thread requirements:

  • background fabric: starched 11”x 13”or 13”x 22” (for 3 daisies) piece plus extra for practicing stitching
  • backing fabric (back of quilt): 12”x 14”or 14”x 23” (for 3 daisies)
  • Joy appliques: 8”x 10” heart fabric and 6”square for each letter
  • Daisy appliques: at least 8”square for each daisy and 5”squares for centers (one or three each)
  • prairie point fabrics: scraps at least 2”squares or 2” strip
  • sheer fabric such as silk organza or linen gauze to place under daisies as shown in close-ups: 4”square for small, or 4”x 9”for large (optional, some will be available for purchase in class)
  • thin 100% cotton or 100% wool batting: 12”x 14”or 14”x 23” for 3 daisies (for speedy students who may start to quilt in class)
  • Pellon Decor-Bond or fusible web (I prefer Decor-Bond, available for purchase in class for $1-$3)
  • 12wt cotton decorative thread for applique, prairie points, and quilting (available for purchase in class)
  • 50 or 60wt (regular weight) cotton thread in color to coordinate with decorative threads and/or applique fabrics for bobbin
  • 50 or 60wt (regular weight) cotton thread to coordinate with background fabric (for speedy students who may start to quilt in class)
  • beads for embellishing points of prairie points (optional)


  • Precision & Panache book or $8-$9 pattern (all available in class)
  • Prairie Pointer tool (optional, available in class)
  • Sewing machine (capable of zig-zag or blanket stitch), bobbin, bed extension (if you have one), sewing machine manual
  • Slotted needle plate for your machine (not single hole)
  • Open-toe foot (This is an accessory for your machine which makes machine applique much easier.)
  • 100/16 Topstitch needles for your machine (Schmetz brand available in class)
  • Rotary cutting equipment for cutting prairie points (cutter, mat, least 14”)
  • Seam ripper, stiletto (optional)
  • Hand sewing needle for embellishing if you wish to embellish prairie points with beads
  • Fabric scissors for cutting appliques (I prefer Karen Kay Buckley’s Perfect Scissors.)
  • Small scissors or thread trimmers
  • Thin permanent marker or pencil for marking Decor-Bond or fusible web
  • Fabric glue, liquid or stick (optional)
  • Freezer paper: approximate 12”square (only for Joy or single daisy quilts)
  • Bag for scraps/threads
  • Extension cord

Homework (so more progress in made in class):

  • Starch and press background fabric until it is crisp. This will allow decorative stitching with heavy threads without using a stabilizer. Lightly starch applique fabrics.

Supplies needed at home to finish project:

  • piping: fat quarter fabric and 1/16”cording (optional, not covered in class)
  • binding: fat quarter (not covered in class)


400: 400 - Bodacious Big Thread Applique, Quilting & More By: Susan Cleveland

$ 90.00
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