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200: 200 - Disappearing Dresdens By: Susan Cleveland

 Level: All Levels

Time: Wednesday All Day,

8:30-11:30 AM & 2:00-5:00 PM

Price: $67.50 / $90.00

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Pattern Fee: $9

Machine: Required

Class Description: Double-points put a  contemporary spin on this long-time favorite and they eliminate the need of a traditional appliqued circle in the center! Using quarter circles, half circles, and three-quarter circles adds another interesting bit of character. Learn Susan's tips for turning wedge points with the Prairie Pointer Tool and use tricky piecing to assemble the arcs, circle and background. Points are three-dimensional and design possibilities are endless! Finished quilt is 27"x 24".

Class Supply List:Fabric/thread:

• background fabric: Fat quarters or 1/4yd cuts of 4-9 different fabrics, 2 fabrics must be over 18.5” in width or length (Sample uses various grey/white prints)

• Dresden fabrics: pieces adding up to about 5/8yd ... at least

• (8) 4.5”x 18” strips or (4) 4.5”x 40”strips of same or different fabrics ... as many as you like ... choose great contrast to background fabrics

• foundation fabric: 1/2yd white cotton fabric, heavily starched (will not show in finished quilt)

• 50 or 60wt (regular weight) cotton thread for piecing and bobbin in color to coordinate with background fabric and colors to coordinate with Dresden fabrics


• Prairie Pointer tool (optional, available for purchase in class)

• Dresden 18 degree ruler (optional, available for purchase in class)

• Sewing machine, fresh needle, bobbin, bed extension (if you have one), sewing machine manual. A machine with adjustable needle positions is desirable.

• Slotted needle plate for your machine (not single hole)

• Starch or spray bottle of water to help press (optional)

• Wooden or plastic finger pressing tool (optional)

• Rotary cutting equipment (cutter, mat, least 14”)

• Portable pressing surface at least 12” if you have one

• Post-it Notes for seam guide

• Masking or painter’s tape

• Small scissors or thread trimmers

• 70/10 jeans/denim or sharps or universal needle for piecing

• Pins

• Seam ripper & stiletto (optional)

• Pencil for note taking

• Bag for scraps/threads

• Extension cord

• Optional foam core board covered in flannel to arrange pieces before sewing (about 30”x 27”is helpful)

Homework (so more progress in made in class):

• Starch and press all fabrics or use Best Press.

• Heavily starch white fabric to be used for foundation.

• Cut 6.5” strips of background fabrics. At home or in class, cut: (2) 18.5”, (1) 15.5”, (2) 12.5”, (3) 9.5”, and (1) 6.5”pieces from these strips. See photo for placement but do not sew.

• Cut 4.5”strips of Dresden fabrics. Use as many different fabrics as you wish. You’ll need pieces adding up to about four 4.5”x 40”strips.

Supplies needed at home to finish project:

• thin 100% cotton or 100% wool batting: 30”x 27”

• binding: 1/2 yd (not covered in class)

• backing fabric: 30”x 27”

• thin thread for ditch quilting in a color to coordinate with background fabric and Dresden fabrics:

WonderFil Invisafil, YLI #100 silk, Superior Threads #100 Tire silk, Superior Threads Bottom Line

• 50 or 60wt cotton thread for bobbin to coordinate with ditch quilting threads


200: 200 - Disappearing Dresdens By: Susan Cleveland

$ 90.00
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