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203: 203 - Color Sense By: Annie Smith

Level: All Levels

Time: Wednesday All Day,

8:30-11:30 AM & 2:00-5:00 PM

Price: $48 / $64

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Pattern Fee: $16

Machine: Not required


Class Description: Do you feel color challenged? or Fabric choice challenged? Learn Annie's expert techniques for choosing the right fabrics for your quilts and the key to color and fabric. The class includes a slide show of quilts, a hands-on demo and playing with fabric. This is a NO-sew workshop and possibly the most important workshop you'll ever take.

Class Supply List: You will need several fabrics. The fabrics that are listed below are very specific, but are not all that you need to bring. Those that are listed are the ones that you will absolutely need for the project.

Bring a lot of fabric. The more you have to work with, the more fun you'll have. Bring an assortment of prints, solids, batiks, stripes, plaids, dots, theme fabrics, etc.

Each piece of fabric should be at least a Fat Eighth -or- 4 inches x 12 inches in size. You can also bring fat quarters or quarter yard pieces but scraps are also fine as long as they are 8 inches square.

  • Two Whites (one Solid, the other can be a tone-on-tone print) (By the way, White is white. Everything else is not white.)
  • Two Red prints (red and white, red and black. It doesn’t matter as long as the predominant color is RED.)
  • Two Blacks (One Solid) and these don’t both need to be dark, a black and white print will be fine for the second fabric
  • a graded (from light to dark) selection of five (5) Monochromatic fabrics (Choose one color, i.e.: red, or blue, or green, etc.) that are not from the selection of fabrics above.
  • One (1) Ugly fabric (Beauty is in the eye of the beholder)
  • Make sure that you have a good assortment of your fabrics by Value, which is the lightness and darkness of the fabric:

o   very light
o   medium light
o   medium
o   medium dark
o   dark

  • Ruler, rotary cuter and mat.
  • two glue sticks
  • paper and pen
  • a 1" binder and 10 sheet protectors
  • a digital camera (the camera on your cell phone is fine)


203: 203 - Color Sense By: Annie Smith

$ 64.00
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