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205: 205 - Machine Quilting on a Home Machine By: Helen Butler

Level: All Levels

Time: Wednesday All Day,

8:30-11:30 AM & 2:00-5:00 PM

Price: $48 / $64

Contact Teacher:

Kit Fee: $10

Machine: Required


Class Description: This class is for anyone who is wanting to perfect your machine quilting skills. I will show you lots of different fun background fills like spirals, circles, feather work, micro stippling, and clam shells, I will show you how to do trapunto and give your quilts that wow factor. You will be quilting like a pro in no time. We will discuss how to quilt around applique. We will practice on quilt sandwich samples that you bring to class. We will spend time learning about batting, thread, and which needles are best. This class will get you well on your way to completing your stack of unfinished tops! Remember a quilt isn't a quilt until it is quilted!

Class Supply List:Eight to Ten, 16 inch muslin quilt sandwiches pinned together with safety pins. You can come with more if you want to practice a lot or just have some extra muslin on hand

  • 1 Mark-B-Gone marking pen
  • Safety pins
  • 1 package #70 universal needle or #70 microtex sharp beginners tend to break a lot. Be prepared.
  • 1 spool invisible mono filament thread Sulky brand or Superior thread
  • One spool dark thread one spool light thread some beginners have trouble with the invisible so have some back up thread on hand.
  • 1 spool Mettler #60 weight thread or Superior Bottom line thread for the bobbin.
  • 1 pair Machinger gloves
  • 2inch- 3-ring binder or large binder for class samples
  • Basic sewing supplies- scissors, pins, bobbins, etc.
  • Sewing machine light (optional)
  • 1 pencil and pad of paper for drawing
  • Ruler

Requirements for your machine:

  • Darning foot
  • Walking foot
  • Single-hole needle plate (not required but helpful)
  • Please be very familiar with your machine and how to operate it.
  • Power strip

Trapunto Supplies

  • Trimming scissors
  • One 16 inch square of dense 8oz or heaver polyester batting
  • 1 spool wash-away thread (Vanish is a good choice from Superior Threads) this is necessary for a project but not mandatory for class sample.

Included in Kit:

A syllabus or packet with the different stitches and techniques I will be teaching.


205: 205 - Machine Quilting on a Home Machine By: Helen Butler

$ 64.00
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