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509: 509 I made it Myself - YOUTH By: Tamra Schenk

Level: Youth Class - beginning

Time: Saturday All Day

8:30-11:30 am & 2:00-5:00 pm

Price: Free youth class

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Machine: Required

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Class Description: Put those "Ruby Slippers" (or your shoes) on the foot pedal of your sewing machine and get a quilt finished! We will start with a panel print, a novelty print (that's what my sample is) or even a quilt top you have already made, and then we will cut and add two borders. Next we will "pillowcase" (sometimes this is called an envelope finish) the top, back, and batting together and then quilt it on our machines, It is important for the quilting part that either the top fabric OR the backing fabric be either a stripe, a plaid, or a print that is linear. You should be able to cuddle up in your own quilt by the end of the day!


Class Supply List: A sewing machine you know how to use; a 1/4 inch foot with a guide; 80/12 universal needles; matching thread; two or three full bobbins; 25-50 safety pins for basting your quilt together; and don't forget the BSK.

One yard 40-42 inch wide novelty print fabric, quilt panel fabric, or quilt top about that size; 3/8 yard contrasting fabric for narrow border; 3/4 yard fabric for wider outside border; two yards backing fabric; and 45 x 60 thin batting.


509: 509 I made it Myself - YOUTH By: Tamra Schenk