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300: 300 - Piping Hot Curves - Macaroni By: Susan Cleveland

 Level: All Levels

Time: Thursday Morning, 8:30-11:30 AM

Price: $33.75 / $45.00

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Kit Fee: $8

Machine: Required


Class Description: Accent curves with piping! This technique is wonderful for traditional curved patterns and great for contemporary designs. In class students will learn to make perfect piping and add that piping to the lively, curvy macaroni block. Piping adds pizzazz! Quilting and finishing will be discussed. A kit for purchase in class will contain pre-cut fabrics to make two 6" blocks.

Class Supply List::

  • students work from a pre-cut kit.
  • Red, or chocolate brown thread (50 or 60wt cotton)
  • Thin thread of chocolate brown or red (I suggest WonderFil InvisaFil or #100 silk or invisible... thin threads will be available for purchase in class)


  • Sewing machine, fresh needle, bobbin, bed exten­sion (if you have one), sewing machine manual. A machine with adjustable needle positions is desirable.
  • Slotted needle plate for your machine (not single hole needle plate) If you have no idea what this is, you’re probably OK.
  • Foot with a small groove or grooves in the bottom from toe to heel (highly recommended) OR zipper foot for making piping. These are some that might work: mini piping foot, pearl/bead foot-2mm, pintuck foot, corded buttonhole foot, satin stitch applique foot. Pfaff: narrow piping foot, Bernina: foot #23 or #3, Viking: foot C or mini piping foot, Janome: small beading foot, Baby Lock: mini piping foot, Elna:pearl/bead foot-2mm. Please choose a foot specific for your machine.
  • pen-toe foot ... important!
  • Sewing machine needles: 70/10 jeans, sharp, or universal; 60/8 Microtex for thin threads
  • Rotary cutting least 18”and cutter (may be shared)
  • Small scissors
  • Seam ripper, stiletto (Clover ball-point awl preferred, available in class)
  • Post-it note pad (about 10 sheets of any size as a guide on the machine)
  • Masking or painter’s tape (any width)
  • Pencil for note taking
  • Bag for scraps/threads
  • Extension cord


300: 300 - Piping Hot Curves - Macaroni By: Susan Cleveland

$ 45.00
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