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309: 309 - Marvelous Miters By: Susan Cleveland

Level: All Levels

Time: Thursday Afternoon, 2:00-5:00 PM

Price: $33.75 / $45.00

Contact Teacher:

Kit Fee: $8

Machine: Required


Class Description: Why fear the Y-seam? Learn to miter borders on blocks and quilts with this simple technique that makes impressive       miters with beautiful intersections! Use a kit to master mitering and focus on perfection, then use your new skill on any quilt! A kit for purchase in class will contain pre-cut fabrics to make 2 blocks.

Class Supply List:

Fabric/thread requirements:

  • Black piecing thread
  • Kits including two pre-cut blocks with instructions will be available for purchase in class for $8 (payable to instructor).


  • Sewing machine with slotted or zig-zag needle plate (not single hole)
  • Needles 70/10 jeans, sharps, or universal
  • Open-toe presser foot (required or clear plastic foot)
  • Stiletto, optional (Clover’s ball point awl preferred...instructor will have some available in class)
  • Seam ripper...just in case
  • Small ruler (6”)
  • Pins (0.5 mm or 0.55mm shaft are best)
  • Pen, pencil, or marker for paper
  • Markers (chalk, pencil...) for fabrics
  • Stack of Post-it Notes
  • Masking tape


309: 309 - Marvelous Miters By: Susan Cleveland

$ 45.00
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