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310: 310 - The finer Elements of Needle Turn Applique By: Helen Butler

Level: All Levels

Time: ThursdayAfternoon, 2:00 - 5:00 PM

Price: $24 / $32

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Kit Fee: $5

Machine: Not Required


Class Description: Needle turn Applique Come join us for in-depth, hands on class where you will learn how to perfect your needle turn applique. You will learn the finer elements including circles, stems, leaves, petals, reverse applique, points and curves. Once mastered your perfected work will become prize winning. The goal of this class is to improve and perfect your work so your quilts can be show worthy!

Class Supply List: Class Supplies: Pencil,     eraser, paper scissors, fabric trimming scissors, #11 straw needles, thread for applique’ (I use YLI #100 silk thread in a variety of colors), straight pins (I like Clover brand), Clover fine gel pen white or Generals white charcoal pencil (I use both), thread heaven (optional), freezer paper, (16 inch square approx.), and Perfect Circles (optional). Fabric 1 - 16 inch square light color fabric 1 - 16 inch square dark color fabric Several pieces of fabric approximately 6   Inches square in the colors you like for the applique’

Included In Kit:

Fabric, circles, stems, needles, freezer paper, toothpicks for turning the edges, cut out pieces to applique plus a few other things to make the class flow easier. Plus an in-depth handout.


310: 310 - The finer Elements of Needle Turn Applique By: Helen Butler

$ 32.00
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