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President's Block


Cindy has chosen a simple Cracker block for her Presidents Quilt.  She would like everyone to sign their name in the center block.  Here are instructions.  You can also see a tutorial for this at Modas bakeshop

Fabric:  2- 5 ½ inch squares (Charm squares) of a batik fabric
             4 ¼ inch square of white 
             2 ½ x 5 inch rectangle of white.
Cut one batik square and the white square in half diagonally.  Cut the other Batik square in half, top to bottom, making two 2 ½ x 5 inch rectangles.
Sew the three rectangles together, with the white in the middle.
Sew the batik triangles to opposite ends, making sure you are sewing the side with the white showing.  You want to enclose that white strip. 
Now sew the white triangle to the other side. Trim to 7 ½ inches, Press and sign with a micron pen.
Give the finished blocks to your area rep or any member of the Utah Quilt Guild Board.