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Don't forget about Tuesday Night's Dinner in the Enchanted Forest! 

We will be doing reserved seating for this event as well (just like the lunches)

090: 090 Enchanted Forest Dinner Ticket - Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 5:30pm

Steak Dinner with Lecture by Renae Haddadin
Cost $35 / $50Dinner in the Enchanted Forest

089: 089 Enchanted Forest Dinner GUEST Ticket - Tuesday, Sept. 17 at 5:30 pm
Steak Dinner with Lecture by Renae Haddadin
Cost $41.17

Quilt Fest Lecture and Luncheon


Lecture by: Lura Schwarz Smith

Cost: $25 / $35.71

Lecture by: Lura Schwarz Smith

Cost: $39.71

Lecture by: Gloria Loughman

Cost: $25 / $35.71

Lecture by: Gloria Loughman

Cost: $39.71

Utah Quilt Guild Business. Theme for Quilt Fest 2020 announced.

Cost: $25 / $35.71

Utah Quilt Guild Business. Theme for Quilt Fest 2020 announced.

Cost: $39.71



Have no interest in the meal at all, but want to just join us for the lecture portion? We will have a small number of seats available each day for this option. The cost will be $20 and tickets will not be sold in advance. Stop by the registration desk at Quilt Fest for more details or email the Verdelet at 



$20 entry fee collected day of luncheon—no advance tickets.

Meet in the lobby by the lunchroom doors after the lunch portion is complete, usually about 12:45pm.

A committee member will open the doors and escort you in when it is time to begin the lecture.

You will not receive a lunch.

You will not be eligible for door prizes.

You will be seated at the back of the room.

You may or may not be seated at a table.

How to make a table reservation AFTER purchasing your luncheon ticket:

Want to sit with your quilting friends at out wonderful lecture luncheon(s)? Be sure to make a group reservation. ALL SEATS ARE ASSIGNED. If you purchase a ticket, you will be assigned a table. To sit with your friends you must make a group reservation. You must have already purchased a luncheon ticket before making a table reservation. Please read all the instructions, the link for the form is below.
For a Group 10 or less: 
Step 1 Purchase your Luncheon Lecture Tickets
Step 2 Gather information from your quilty friends. 
Step 3 Visit Choose Quilt Festival, under Events. 
Step 4 Click Group Table Reservation. 
Step 5 For each person, you must enter first and last name, email address, special meal request (if any) and lunch date. 
Step 6 Be sure to mark any applicable boxes for a guest or dietary needs. 
Step 7 Click Submit. 
Step 8 Check your email for confirmation. 

For a Group Larger than 10: 
Step 1 Gather information from your quilty friends.
Step 2 Contact Paula Dalby directly by sending an email to 
            For each person, you must include first and last name, email address, special meal request (if any) and lunch date(s). 

Some things to remember

**** The deadline for making group table reservations is Tuesday, September 2, 2019 at midnight. 
**** Special Meal requests MUST be submitted by September 2, 2019. Tickets purchased after this date are for the standard meal.
**** You must register and pay for luncheon(s) to keep your reservation. All reservations are contingent on payment being received by September 6, 2019. 
**** Confirmations will be sent out Saturday, September 14, 2019, via email. 
**** Each person in the group will receive his/her own email confirmation. 

Q: Do I need to make a reservation for one person?
A: YES! Unless you are happy sitting in the back every single day. 

Q: How many people can sit at one table?
A: 10 seats per table

Q: I bought my Lecture Luncheon ticket after September 6th. Will I have an assigned table?
A: Yes, but it will be in the back of the room.

Q: I made a group reservation, but forgot to buy a Lecture Luncheon ticket before September 6th. Will I still be able to sit with my group?
A: Probably not.

Q: I have a guest I want to bring to the Luncheon. What do I do?
A: First, buy your Lecture Luncheon tickets—one for you and one for your guest. Second, follow steps to make a group reservation.

Q: Will I have a good seat if I reserve early?
A:  Not necessarily. Everyone is moved around the room throughout QuiltFest. One day you could be up front, the next day you could be in the back. We try our best to let everyone who makes a reservation have a turn at the “prime” seats.

Q: I have special medical needs and must sit on the side/front/middle. What do I do?
A: After making group reservation, send an email to with specific needs.

Q: Who do I contact with questions about Luncheon Reservations?
A: The Verdelet, Paula Dalby. Email or call at 801-856-5573.

Q: Who do I contact to purchase luncheon tickets?
A: Purchase tickets online at Questions about purchasing tickets are directed to the Registrar, Caryl Jensen.

Q: I need to change a group reservation, what do I do?
A: Send an email to with detailed explanation of changes.

Q: I bought a ticket after September 2nd. Will I still be able to have a special meal request of Vegetarian, Gluten Free, Diabetic, etc.?
A:  No. All special meal requests must be submitted by September 2nd. The Convention Center is unable to accommodate special meal requests after this date.