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This year, the Volunteers will be members of the Stage Crew! No Broadway production can take the stage without a massive Stage Crew behind the scenes. The same holds true for our 2018 Quilts Over Broadway Quilt Fest. Please reserve two hours of your time during the week of Quilt Fest to volunteer as part of our Stage Crew. Online signups will begin in July. Keep your eye on our website and in the July Beeline for the directions on how to participate.

We simply could not make Quilt Fest work without Volunteers! They are the oil that keeps everything running smoothly. The Stage Crew helps in many areas: Quilt Show, Mini Quilts, Front Desk, Auction baskets, Utah Quilt Guild Vendor Booth, to name a few. Here are some facts about volunteering:
  • Volunteers serve 2 hour shifts. 
  • Once you have picked your classes and know your schedule, check the box to volunteer on your registration form (or sign up online--

   “Ushers” Needed  (Teacher’s Pet)

What are Teacher's Pets, now called "Ushers”? What are the responsibilities they hold? The following are the guidelines for this year’s Quilt Fest.

Arrive to class early! Introduce yourself to the teacher and ask if you can help her/him in any way. It is NOT your responsibility to set her things up for class, but you can help if she requests it. The quilt stand in the class room will require two people to hang a quilt, so assist with that. If money needs to be collected for class fees, ask the teacher if she would like your help. Do that before class starts.

Ushers at the big, Broadway productions check the tickets of each patron to make sure they have the right date and seat location and if both match. You bought tickets for Jersey Boys in June, and you arrive at the Riverdance production. Oops, you grabbed the wrong tickets. The usher helps you figure the problem out. You may be sent to the ticket office to help straighten out the problem, but the usher sends you on your way. At Quilt Fest the usher’s job is to check the lanyard that each participant is wearing against the attendance sheet the usher picked up at the registration desk just before class begins. If the two don't match, you send that participant to the registration desk to clarify the problem. Name tags need to be worn at all times during class.

No one may sit in a class without paying. Auditing a class is not permitted. If time permits you may assist those class participants who need some help in setting up their space.

You are not the teacher’s go-for -- you have a ticket for this production also. If you have a disorganized teacher that is demanding, make note of that and let registration know about the problem.

Room comfort is a problem sometimes. If the room is too hot or too cold let the registration desk know and they may find a solution.

Above all, be kind, and considerate to all in the class. Help make this experience a positive memory for everyone, including yourself. Thanks for volunteering to "Usher.” Enjoy the production. See you in the 2018 season of Quilt Fest!

Want to sign up to volunteer?  It's quick and easy to sign up online. Just click here!  
You will need to provide your email address and mobile phone number
(so we can reach you at QuiltFest, should we need to contact you regarding your volunteer shift).