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All entry paper work and a photograph is due by August 15th.
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The easiest way to enter is to scroll down and click on the link. 
A picture of your entry will need to be uploaded.

Utah Quilt Guild
Quilt Show Rules - 2019
Sew Bewitching
Utah Quilt Guild Annual Quilt Fest Quilt Show
September 18 - 21, 2019

A Quilt is defined as having three distinct layers—a top, middle and backing. Quilting stitches must penetrate all three layers and be visible on the back. Quilt edge must be finished with some sort of binding or facing.

This year there are two distinct levels for the adult portion of the competition:

Apprentice –  Someone who quilts primarily as a hobby.  This can include someone who does a lot of charity work.  This also includes anyone that has not previously won a first or second place award at a prior Quilt Fest, or nationally recognized show (such as Utah Quilting and Sewing Marketplace, UQSM, formerly HMQS).  State fair or county fair awards are allowed.  Apprentice quilts in selected categories, where indicated below, may be professionally quilted.  Consideration in judging of professionally quilted quilts will be taken into account.

Wizard – Someone who has previously won a first or second place award at Quilt Fest, or a nationally recognized show.  This category also includes anyone who is a professional in the quilting industry.  Professionals include those who quilt for hire, develop and sell patterns, teach classes, professional quilting show judges, etc.

Please select the best category for your quilt entry.  You must select a single category for each quilt you enter.  Each person is only allowed to enter one quilt in each category.  Therefore, if you are entering two quilts, they must be in two different categories.  Entrants are responsible for choosing the best category, however, the Utah Quilt Guild (UQG) Quilt Show committee and judges reserve the right to change the category of the quilt if deemed necessary for any reason.  The UQG show committee reserved the right to eliminate any category if the number of entrants in the category is less than 5.

Entry Category Definitions:  

Ribbons and monetary prizes to be awarded in each category listed below:

Pieced Large (Apprentice and Wizard):  Primarily pieced construction with a perimeter of 300” or greater.  Apprentice quilts may be quilted professionally quilted.

Pieced Small (Apprentice and Wizard): Primarily pieced construction with a perimeter of at least 120” and less than 300”.  Apprentice quilts may be quilted professionally.

Applique (Apprentice and Wizard): Applique predominates construction with a perimeter of at least 120”. Apprentice quilts may be quilted professionally.

Small wall hanging (Apprentice and Wizard):  Any technique, with a perimeter less than 120”.  May be considered a “miniature” quilt or may be a small art type or mixed technique quilt.

Mixed/Special Technique (Apprentice and Wizard): A quilt where a fairly even amount of multiple techniques are used to develop a design of the top.  An example (but not limited to) would be a quilt with applique and piecing where neither technique dominates.  Or a quilt where embroidery, cross-stich, etc. are used.  This is a more “traditional” quilt, and the quilt does not otherwise fit into the Art Quilt category.  Perimeter is at least 120”.  Apprentice quilts may be quilted professionally.

Art/Innovative Quilt (Apprentice and Wizard):  An ORIGINAL work of visual fiber art that is not based on a traditional pattern.  Quilt will be judged on artistic merit, design and detailed quilting.  Addition of beads, buttons or other objects will be acceptable providing they are securely attached, and the quilt may be hung with minimal care. Perimeter is at least 120”

Modern (Apprentice and Wizard):  Quilt may feature high contrasting colors, minimalism, improvisational piecing, expansive negative space and/or non-traditional layouts. Perimeter is at least 120”. Apprentice quilts may be quilted professionally.

Group Quilt:  A quilt that involves three or more persons in its completion.  Involves all techniques as well as quilting by a person other than the makers of the top.  Note – this category only has one award level.

Theme “Sew Bewitching”:  Quilts whose design is based around the theme, “Sew Bewitching”.  Note – this category only has one award level.

Youth up to age 15:  Must be 15 and under as of 9/18/2019.  Quilt may be quilted by someone other than the quilt top maker.

Youth 16-18: Must be age 16-18 as of 9/18/2019.  Quilt may be quilted by someone other than the quilt top maker.

In addition to the categories above, ribbons and monetary awards will be provided for the following: 
If a quilt is selected as a “Best of” winner, it will not receive an award from the originating category.

Best of Show:  Quilt judges deem as Best of Show

Best Use of Color:  Quilt judges deem as best use of color

Best Machine Quilting:  Quilts judges deem as best machine quilting

Jean Christensen Founders Award for Hand Quilting:  Quilt judges deem as best hand quilting

Viewers Choice: Quilt that has the most votes from the Quilt show attendees

In addition, to the awards above, Ribbon only awards will be provided for the following categories.

Judge’s Choice: Personal favorite of the judges.  Each judge selects one quilt.

National Teacher’s Choice:  Personal favorite of the National Teacher.  Each National Teacher selects one quilt.

 Entry Form is after the rules and quilt show information: scroll down.
There are 3 steps to the entry process, remember at the end, to submit a picture and pay for your entry.


Quilt Show Rules

  1. A quilt maker may submit up to two quilts for competition.  The quilts must not be submitted for judging in the same category.  If more than one entry is received for the same category, the second quilt will be moved to an exhibit only category, and the fee will be forfeited. A third quilt as an exhibit only, may also be submitted.
  2. Quilts must have been completed in the last three years and be clean.
  3. No tied or Tricot quilt will be accepted for judging.   They can be submitted for Exhibit only.
  4. Please give credit where credit is due.  You will be asked to provide you design source (pattern, magazine, workshop, or original design, for example).  All persons involved in the making of the quilt must be list in the appropriate sections of the registration form, including who constructed the quilt and who quilted the quilt.  A group of three or more quilters involved in the making of the quilt should be registered in the group category.
  5. Entries without sleeves will not be displayed.  If the quilt is submitted without a sleeve, the entry fee will be forfeited.
  6. There will be a $10 charge for each entry for UQG members, limit of two entries per person.  Youth entries will be $5 per entry.  The fee for non-UQG members will be $15 per entry.  Quilts for display only will be $5 per entry.  Please note, it is up to the individual to insure their quilts, the show does not insure the quilts.
  7. The first 100 people to enter quilts will receive a gift bag (see the July Beeline for additional information).  Each person will only receive one bag.
  8. Place each entry in a separate, disposable bag (paper or plastic).  Your name and the name of the quilt must be identified on the bag.  (Stapled paper copy of entry form is allowed)
  9. Each quilt must have a fabric label on the back of the quilt stating your name and the title of the quilt. 
  10. Each quilt must have its own entry form.  Please pin a copy to your quilt, and keep a copy to be used when you pick up your quilt.
  11. Only the person designated to pick up the quilt listed on the entry for or the quilt owner will be allowed to pick up the quilt after the show on Saturday September 21, 2019.  Pick up will begin at approximately 3:30pm at the lobby door to the Stratus room.  For security purposes, only the assigned quilt show volunteers will take down the quilts and distribute them.  To sign up to volunteer to help take down the show, see the volunteer information page of the brochure or website.



All entry paperwork and a photograph of the quilt must reach the Quilt Show Coordinator by August 15, 2019.  The easiest way to enter is online (see link below).  A picture of your entry will need to be uploaded, so have it ready when you begin the entry process.

  1.  Log onto the site and then click the quilt show link on the first page of the website.  The entry form will pop up (or use the link below).
  2.  Fill out the form, upload your picture, type in your quilt story and click “submit”.  Your quilt will be entered in the show.  You will receive an e-mail receipt.  Be sure to follow the directions to pay by Credit Card, or you may mail your check, made out to the Utah Quilt Guild to: Louise Mudd, Quilt Fest Quilt Show, 1102 E 2550 N, Layton, UT 84040



Quilts must reach the Quilt Show Coordinator, Louise Mudd, by September 10, 2019 unless it is noted on the Entry form that the quilt will be delivered to the Davis Conference Center on the afternoon of September 16, 2019, between 3:00 and 5:00 pm.  We will also identify local quilt shops that will be accepting quilts for the quilt show in the July and August Beelines.  If you need additional help, contact your UQG Area Representative.  Contact information is in the Beeline and online at  Your Area Representative may be able to help deliver your entry.  Please make arrangements ahead of the deadline with her.  You may also mail your quilt to : Louise Mudd, Quilt Fest Quilt Show, 1102 E 2550 N, Layton, UT 84040


AWARDS PRESENTATION:  The awards will be presented on Thursday at lunch.  The show will open Thursday morning, and ribbons will be placed after lunch on Thursday.  Viewers Choice will be awarded at the Saturday luncheon.

ENTRY PICK-UP:  The quilt show will end at 2:00 pm on Saturday, September 21, 2019. You may pick up your quilt after approximately 3:30 pm at the lobby door to the Stratus Room. To prove ownership, you must have a copy of your entry form. 

ANY QUESTIONS? Please contact Louise Mudd at or 801-771-9379 (leave a message if no answer).

Checklist for Entering a Quilt in the Quilt Show

1 – Read the quilt show rules in the QuiltFest Brochure or click here

2 – Send your entry form to the by August 15, 2019.  If you are submitting electronically, print out your entry form.  If you are using the form provided in this brochure, pleases make 2 copies of your entry form.  Keep one copy for yourself and attach one copy to the back of your quilt.  Note on the entry form if you will be delivering your quilt on Monday, September 16.  We recognize some quilts will be coming from other shows, such as the State Fair, and we will be accepting quilts in the lobby at the Davis Conference Center between 3-5 pm on September 16.  You must identify your quilt on your entry form as coming in during this timeframe

3 – Have your quilt completed with proper sleeve and label.  Click here for instructions on making a sleeve.  Be sure to scroll down, to the bottom of the page. 

4. – When delivering your quilt, attach a copy of the entry form to the bag you are using to deliver your quilt.  Paper or plastic bags please.  You will not get back the same bag you delivered your quilt in. 

5. – Deliver your quilt(s) to selected shops before September 7, 2019 (Shops will be identified in the July and August Beeline) or you can mail or deliver you quilts by September 10 to :  Louise Mudd, 1120 E 2550 N, Layton, UT  84040   If you are delivering in person, please call first (home 801-771-9379, cell 385-445-8500)  If you are delivering the quilt to the Davis Conference Center on Monday, September 16, make sure that is identifies on your entry form.  Otherwise, late quilts will not be accepted. 

Remember, the show will end on Saturday September 21, 2019.  You may pick up your quilt after 3:30 pm, at the lobby entrance to the Stratus room. 
Please bring a copy of your entry form to pick up your quilt.

There are 3 steps to the entry process,
remember at the end, to submit a picture and pay for your entry.

Step #1
By submitting this quilt show entry you agree to the following:   I have read the quilt show information and rules. I agree to abide by the quilt show rules. I verify that the information provided is accurate and complete. I give permission for my quilt to be photographed and some images will be available for viewing on the UQG website. I understand that I will be credited for the creation of my quilt but that there will be no financial compensation. I agree to abide by the Judges’ decisions, which shall be final.

Click Here for Online Entry Form

Click Here for Paper Entry Form to download

Step #2
Save a picture of your quilt on your computer, name it - YOUR NAME & QUILT NAME.

Email a picture of your quilt to

Step #3   Click below to pay for your quilt entry.  
If you are not a member of the Utah Quilt Guild, you can join now and save on the Quilt Show entry fee.  Click the on link for membership below.  



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Quilt Show Entry Fee