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Application Deadline for Quilt Fest 2018 is March 15, 2018

Instructor Application Information

 The Quilt Fest committee is now accepting applications from teachers for Quilt Fest 2018!  We want the best of the best, and that is you! If you have a class you would like to teach, please submit a proposal. Applications are due by March 15, 2018.

National Teachers: look at the national teacher’s websites; try not to duplicate their techniques or style.

                                                                 Becky Goldsmith –

                                                                Jean Impey –

                                                                Nancy Prince –


  • Current member of the Utah Quilt Guild.
  • Prior teaching experience – This does not mean you have to have taught a quilting class, just that you have some teaching experience.
  • Classes are 3 hours or 6 hours in length. Lectures last approximately 1 ½ hours.
  • Classes may focus on techniques or projects. 
  • Which level of student will be most successful in your class, such as beginner, intermediate, advanced or all levels. Remember students are self-selecting their level. Be prepared that this may not match your expectation. How will you adapt?
  • There will not be a Meet the Teachers event this year. We hope you will come to the opening night event but you will not have to sit at a table with your class project.

Application and Picture:

  • Submit as many applications as you would like; one form per class.       
  • Limit the class description to 200 words. Emphasize the goal of the class. Your excitement will sell your class. This will appear in the brochure as you submit it.  
  • All proposals must be submitted electronically with a picture of the project or technique. Even if you are submitting a mystery project, we will need to see it. We promise to keep the secret.
  • Take a good sharp photo of your project. Remembering a detail picture may be more helpful than one of the whole project.

 Supply list:

  • Make sure you include EVERYTHING your students will need on the supply list and nothing extra. We have all been frustrated to arrive at class and find out that the teacher left something critical off the supply list or that you spent money on equipment or supplies which weren’t really needed.
  • Just list BSK (Basic Sewing Kit) on supply list. BSK consists of notebook, pen, pencils, eraser & sharpener, 6 x 12 or 8-1/2 x 12 ruler, paper scissors, fabric scissors, needles, thread, straight pins, fabric markers (light & dark), thimble.
  • Kits: If you offer a kit for your class, indicate if it is optional or required. Many students would like to select their own colors, so optional kits are best.
  • Are you going to supply a kit, supply or pattern? Make sure you include those costs in your proposal. It will be too late once your proposal is accepted. Students may not be required to pay for anything that is not listed in the brochure.

  Workshop Size:

UQG registers 20 students in each workshop room. Lectures will have 35 students. All class rooms will accommodate this number of students.
Youth classes will be limited to 15 students and students will need to bring an adult partner with them.

Teacher availability and special needs:

Please check all times you will be available to teach. After classes are chosen we schedule them according to type and rooms available.  Changing the schedule is not possible. Please let us know before the schedule is made what your limitations are. The more days you can teach the better opportunity of having your class selected. Also note any health considerations that you may have of which we should be aware. Youth classes will only be on Friday and Saturday.

Copyright laws:

Be aware of copyright laws. Copyrighted material can be used only with written permission of the owner. This is true for books, magazines, patterns, and previous classes that you may have taken and now want to teach. There is NO exception to this law and the Utah Quilt Guild will not be responsible if you violate copyright laws. Be sure to get permission to use any pattern that is not your original pattern.

 Supplies Provided in Classrooms:

  • Each classroom is supplied with the following: 6’ or 8’ table & chair for instructor; 2 irons & ironing surfaces. Please do not rearrange the chairs & tables without prior permission.
  • The guild does not supply any audio/visual equipment such as projectors, microphones, etc.


  • 3 hour class or 1-1/2 hour lecture - stipend of $150.00    ● 6 hour class - stipend of $300.00
  • If you are team teaching a class, all stipends will be split between the teachers.
  • Class selection is a complicated process which involves balancing techniques, projects, classroom availability and ability levels.  If your proposal is not selected it is not a reflection of either you or your project. You will be notified of the committee’s decision.

Steps to submitting proposal:

  1. Complete the form on the UQG website and submit it online. Follow the directions on the online Form. Remember to email picture(s), with the class title and teacher name to
  2. You will receive a return email to confirm the receipt of the application.
  3. Questions can be addressed to
  4. Only online applications will be accepted.

Utah Quilt Guild website is

Quilt Fest Teacher Application

Form to submit applications to teach at Quit Festival.