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Quilt Fest 2017
"Ruby Jubilee"
September 19-23, 2017

At the Davis Conference Center 
1651 North 700 West
Layton, UT

Reservations are now open at the Hilton Garden Inn 
It is time to make your hotel reservations for the 2017 Quilt Fest.   

When you call and make your reservations you will need to mention the word QUILT in order to get the group discount rate ($99.00 per night).
The dates for Quilt Fest are Tuesday night September 19 to Saturday September 23, 2017.  
Call the Hilton Garden Inn at 801-416-8899 and make your reservation now.

Hilton Garden Inn 
762 West Heritage Park Blvd.
Layton, UT 84041 

National Teachers:  look at the national teacher’s websites; try not to duplicate their techniques or style.

Joe Cunningham -     
    Barbara Olson -
Joanna Figueroa -      

   Susan Cleveland-      



Quilt Fest  - Table Reservations
Reservations will open again in June 2017

Want to sit with your quilting friends at out wonderful luncheon(s)? Be sure to make a group reservation. ALL SEATS ARE ASSIGNED. If you purchase a ticket, you will be assigned a table. To sit with your friends you must make a group reservation. You must have already purchased a luncheon ticket before making a table reservation. Please read all the instructions, the link for the form is below.
For a Group 10 or less:
Step 1 Gather information from your quilty friends.
Step 2 Visit Choose Quilt Festival under Events.
Step 3 Click Group Table Reservation.
Step 4 For each person, you must enter first and last name, email address, and lunch date.
Step 5 Be sure to mark any applicable boxes for a guest or dietary needs.
Step 6 Click Submit.
Step 7 Check your email for confirmation.

For a Group Larger than 10:
Step 1 Gather information from your quilty friends.
Step 2 Contact Paula Dalby directly by sending an email to For each person, you must include first and last name, email address, and lunch date(s).

Some things to remember
**** You must register and pay for luncheon(s) to keep your reservation. All reservations are contingent on payment being made by Sept 11, 2017.
**** Confirmations will be sent out Friday, September 15, 2017, late in the day via email.
**** Each person in the group will receive his/her own email confirmation.
**** Special Meal requests MUST be submitted by Sept. 1, 2017. Tickets purchased after this date are for the standard meal. For more information see the Quilt Fest Brochure.

Quilt Fest Quilt Show 2017
All quilts need to have a hanging sleeve attached.
(Miniature quilts are excluded)
Step-by-steps instructions for adding a sleeve: 

1. Cut the sleeve 8½" wide times the exact width of your quilt. Fold the ends in twice (¼" and ¼" again) to finish each end of the sleeve. Stitch using a scant ¼" seam allowance. Press the long sides of the sleeve so they meet in the center. It helps to fold the sleeve in half lengthwise first and press to give you a center crease. When you press the sides to the center, you’ll press those creases out –they just give an easy guide without measuring or marking.sleeve

2. Fold right sides together and stitch ¼" seam on the long edge of the sleeve. Turn the sleeve right-side out.

3. You may need to repress the fold lines –you’ll need those for attaching the sleeve to your quilt. This is the step that provides the give needed in the sleeve.

4. Center the sleeve across the width of your quilt. The edge of the sleeve should lie just inside your binding on each side of the quilt. Using the fold, pin your sleeve in place ½" to ¾" from the top outside edge on the back of the quilt.

5. Pin the top of the sleeve along the fold and blindstitch in place. Use the opposite fold line to pin the bottom edge of the sleeve in place; blindstitch to the quilt. The sleeve will fit flat against the quilt from fold line to fold line; the rest of the sleeve will cup out giving enough play in the fabric to fit into the hanging device without damaging the sleeve.

Miniature Quilts:

Miniature quilts are pinned on drapes and do not need to have a sleeve applied to the back of the quilt.