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News from our President

Utah Theme (Medium)
Utah Theme Quilt by Charlotte Davis


This is a funny month. I’m sure you are thinking, “October isn’t that funny”. But that’s just it. It’s September 17th. Don’t hastily look at your watch or phone to check the date. You are correct that it is October when you are reading this, just as I am correct that it is September that I am writing it. Every year, just before Quilt Fest, our articles’ for October are due to the editor. You will read them after Quilt Fest and it would seem odd to you if we didn’t thank everyone and say what a great time was had by all. So we envision having a great time and assume every-one will be on their best behavior and make up an article. Every time I do that I think, “What if the whole place burns down and my article says, how nice and comfortable our surroundings were. What if all the teachers stayed home and quilters wandered around aimlessly for 4 days, and my article said something about how much we all learned from our great teachers. I’m sure you see what I mean.

 On the other hand, I’m sure you have heard about how athletes visualize their race or game beforehand. They calmly meditate, thinking about each play, or turn in the race and about how they will handle each situation. Articles have been written about how visualization is as good as or better than an actual practice. Mental imagery—the kind that involves imagining success— has long been employed by professional athletes to boost their strength, confidence, and results. (Arnold Schwarzenegger imagined his biceps to be mountain peaks as he pumped iron.) He came pretty close!

 Visualization is simply mental rehearsal. You create images in your mind of your having or doing whatever it is you want. You repeat these images over and over again; you use your imagination to see yourself being successful, closing the deal, having the relationship, healing the illness—whatever your goal is. The key to remember when visualizing is to always visualize that you already have the thing you want. This is a mental trick. You don’t hope you’ll achieve it, or build confidence that someday it will happen. No, with the visualization technique you “live and feel it” as if it is happening to you now. Now on one level you know this is just a mental trick, but here is an important truth to understand. The subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what is real and what is imagined. Your subconscious will act upon the images you create within, regardless of whether those images reflect your current reality or not.

 So perhaps visualizing a successful Quilt Fest and actually writing about it as if it has already happened, IS THE WHOLE REASON IT IS SUCCESSFUL! Ta Da!

 What you think about---you get. I am thinking that Quilt Fest will be great fun. I am thinking that we will all enjoy being together and learning from each other. I am thinking we will all be patient with each other and be grateful for each other. I am thinking that all the people who volunteered countless hours to make it all happen, will feel your support and appreciation. I am thinking we will have new volunteers for the positions that are open. I am thinking we will all be peaceful and mindful and feel the joy of every moment.

Wasn’t Quilt Fest great this year?

You’re the Best!
Kathy Porter