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Ruby Jubilee Quilt Show
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We are celebrating the 40th Birthday of the Utah Quilt Guild in 2017.  There is a guild "Chapter Traveling Quilt Show" that will be shown in 5 different locations in the state.  In conjunction with these shows we are asking members to make and show their own Ruby quilt (See rules for the Red and white quilts below). Individual Quilts can only be shown at one of the locations during the year and also at Quilt Fest in Layton on Sept. 19 - 23, 2017.  Awards for Viewer's Choice will be awarded at each of the 5 show locations.  Votes from all locations will be tallied and added to the votes from Quilt Fest. The quilt with the most votes will receive an extra special $500 gift certificate from Superior Threads. 

All location Entry forms are be available on the following form.

Pictured above is one of the beautiful opportunity quilts, this one in RED and White fabrics for our RUBY JUBILEE Celebration.
All Location Entries are be available on the following form. 
All Red & White Quilts are requested to be at Quilt Fest for our Ruby Jubilee celebration.
Quilts need to have a hanging sleeve please see directions below. 

entry deadline for Springville show is July 29, 2017
entry deadline for Quilt Fest show is August 27 , 2017  - We want all red and White quilts to be at Quilt Fest

Springville show is July 29 - Sept 16, 2017 
Our Guild Red and White Quilts will come down a week early to be ready for our Big celebration at Quilt Fest in Layton. 

The individual show  in Springville will be August 2 - 3, 2017. Quilts need to be turned in early in the morning on Aug 2.
Quilt Fest Quilt Show Sept. 20 - 23, 2017

Only red and white quilts will be accepted in the quilt show for this Ruby Jubilee year. Quilts must have been completed in the past three years to be accepted in the Viewers’ Choice Show. However, vintage red and white quilts will be welcomed for display only.

Youth Quilts may be any color. Youth quilts will be judged and awarded ribbons and prizes.  A sewing machine will be given to one of the Youth

     Check List for Entering a Quilt in the Quilt Fest Quilt Show
1. Fill out your entry form at by September 3, 2017. You will receive an email of your entry. Make two copies of your entry
    form. Keep one for your copy. Attach one to the back of your quilt.

2. Have your quilt completed with proper sleeve and label. Sleeve information can be found below.
3. Place quilt with attached entry form in a disposable bag. (Bag will not be returned)
4. Deliver your quilt(s) to your Area Representative before August 28, 2017
     Mail or deliver your quilt(s) by September 14, 2017 to: (If delivering in person, call first.)
                     Helen Butler, 544 Lupine Drive, Alpine, UT 84004 ph. 801-756-1965, 801-722-9101
                     Megan Legas, 1543 West 1825 North, Provo, UT 84604 ph. 801-226-8135, 801-735-9303
                     Sharon Wright, 970 S. Settlement Rd., Woodland Hills, UT 84653 ph. 801-423-2376, 801-318-4075
    Deliver your quilt(s) to the Hilton Garden Inn, 762 West Heritage Park Blvd., Layton, UT 84041 between 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. on Monday,
    September 17, 2017. One of us will be sitting in the lobby to meet you.

Show will end on Saturday, September 23, 2017. You may pick up your quilt after 3:00 pm. Bring a copy of your entry form to pick up the quilt.
Rules of the Quilt Fest Quilt Show
1. All quilts entered in this show must be red and white. (Red is anything from deepest burgundy to the lightest shade of red. White is anything from pure white to cream.)
    Color applies to both fabric and quilting.
2. Quilts for the Viewers’ Choice Show must have been completed in the past three years and be in excellent condition.
3. Vintage Quilts will be in a special section of the show for display only.
4. Quilts of all sizes will be welcome. We will happily accept anything from miniature to 96”x96”.
5. Tied or purchased quilts will not be accepted.
6. Place your quilt in its own roomy disposable bag – no sharing or no tight fits please.
7. Your name, address and phone number must be clearly written on the outside of the bag and on each quilt. (This may be the entry form if it is attached to the back of the
     quilt.) Each item must have a label.
8. A quilt-maker may enter more than one quilt.
9. Each quilt must have an entry form attached to the back of the quilt. Please keep a copy to be used to pick up your quilt.
10. Only the person designated to pick up the quilt listed on the entry form will be able to pick up the quilt after the show on Saturday, September 23,2017.
      Pick up will begin at 3:00 PM. No one will be allowed to take a quilt until that time.
11. YOUTH QUILTS may be any color—Youth must be under 19 years old prior to September 17, 2017.

ENTRY FORMS: All entry paper work of the quilt must be submitted by midnight on September 3, 2017at

Youth Quilts for Quilt Fest will also use this entry form. Youth Quilts can be any color.

Ruby Jubilee Quilt Show Entry

How to make a Sleeve for the Ruby Jubilee Quilt Show.

The Traveling show will be at different venues throughout the year.  Each venue has certain rules about the hanging sleeve. We have developed a sleeve that will work at all the venues for the traveling show.  Please follow these directions or your Chapters quilt will not be shown at all venues.

  1. Measure the top of your quilt from edge to edge. Subtract 2 inches. This will be the completed length of your sleeve.
  2. Cut or piece together fabric to make a strip 9" tall and 1 inch less than width of the quilt.
  3. Fold under both short edges about 1/4", wrong sides together. Fold under again to double the fabric. Press. Sew a straight or zigzag seam to hem the folds. The width of the sleeve should be 2 inches less than the width of the quilt.
  4. Now fold the strip lengthwise, wrong sides together, aligning its raw edges. Sew together with a 1/2" seam allowance. Press the seam allowance open.
  5. Place the open seam against the quilt's back. Center and pin the top edge of the tube to the back of the quilt, about 1/2" below the binding.Use a whipstitch to sew the top edge of the tube to the quilt backing. Stitch into the quilt batting occasionally to help strengthen the seam but do not allow the stitches to show on the front of the quilt.
  6. Smooth the sleeve downward along the quilt backing and then make a 1/2" fold along its length to create a pleat. Leaving the pleat intact, pin the sleeve bottom to the quilt.