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Silver Thimble Award


This year’s Silver Thimble Award winner is Charlotte Davis from Wells, Utah in Sanpete County. Charlotte was born and raised on a farm in Arizona. She and her husband, Garret, moved to Alpine around 1984 and then on to Sanpete County where they have lived for the past 20 years. They have been married for 59 years and have 6 children, 22 grandchildren, and 38 great grandchildren. As a young mother, she sewed all the children’s clothes. Now she sews for her grandchildren and great grandchildren by making baby quilts as well as quilts for graduations and weddings. Each quilt is given much thought as she chooses the best color combination to customize it for its recipient. Every year she also makes a Christmas ornament for each of them.

Charlotte served the Utah Quilt Guild as an area representative for 8 years. She has served as president for 2 of her chapters as well as other board positions. As an area rep, she faithfully attended board meetings and kept the chapters in her area aware of up-coming events. She often visited guilds with a new technique to share. She has also organized quilt shows for her area.

 She is a natural teacher and is very patient as she teaches. She is also eager to share a new technique she just learned and is always on the lookout for a class to take. She is a frequent presenter at the monthly meetings of her group.

 Her heart of gold is apparent to anyone she meets. She takes new quilters under her wing to welcome and mentor them in their quilting journey. She also goes about quietly doing good. She looks for opportunities to help such as putting up corn for a neighbor who had to have surgery. She enthusiastically volunteers to help with fundraisers by making charity quilts. She is the first to volunteer to help hang quilt shows.

 Charlotte loves to quilt and has made many prize winning quilts. For Utah’s Centennial, she created a special quilt researching and then creating a quilt where each square was different and related to Utah’s history. Her motto is “do it right the first time” and she works with total perfection.

 About 10 years ago just before Quilt Fest held in Provo, Charlotte suffered a stroke. Her goal was to be well enough to attend, take classes and fully participate, which she did. The stroke has affected her speech but undaunted she goes on doing her very best. Not long after the stroke, she also had breast cancer. In spite of these challenges, Charlotte continues to inspire and help the quilters of Sanpete County and the Utah Quilt Guild.

 Charlotte is a very deserving winner of the Silver Thimble Award and we thank her for her service to the Utah Quilt Guild.

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In 1997 the first Silver Thimble award was created to recognize outstanding service and commitment to the Utah Quilt Guild and its mission to encourage, promote and preserve the art of quilt making in Utah.
If you know of someone special, who has contributed greatly to the promotion and enjoyment of quilting in the area served by the Utah Quilt Guild, please consider nominating them for this prestigious award. Is there someone who has inspired you to be a better quilter or who has been an impressive force in bringing quilters together?  Fill out the form below and nominate this special person for the Silver Thimble.

Silver Thimble Nomination

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