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Silver Thimble Award

 Elizabeth B. Teerlink - 2017

The winner of the 2017 Silver Thimble Award is Elizabeth B. (Liz) Teerlink. 

Liz has had a lifelong love of textiles, design and sewing. She has donated many hours of her time to promote the art of quilt making within her local quilting group and to the Utah Quilt Guild.  She likes to try new things and is very creative.  She has been a quilt teacher and lecturer as well as shared many of her quilts in shows and exhibits where she has won many awards.

She served as President of the Utah Quilt Guild in 1999 and was the Guild’s Historian from 2000-2010. She was Co-Chair for the Winter Fest Celebration International Quilt Show held in conjunction with the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics in 2002.

Liz served on Utah Valley Quilt Guild Board for 3 years 1995-1997 Organized the K.N.O.T.T. bee group in 1994 Organized the millennial block exchange and quilt show 2000 – 2001. Already a Teacher and Lecturer she put forth the effort and expense to become a qualified quilt appraiser. Judged many quilt shows. Utah Idaho Quilt Study Group - Salt Lake City

As a quilt judge, she has helped others to improve their art and has supported the Guild in attending quilt appraisal classes in both Idaho Falls and Salt Lake City. She has been of service to others as a quilt appraiser.

Liz is always cheerfully helping others in quilting, she is very knowledgeable, served in any way she can to help another quilter.

Please congratulate Liz on being the 2017 winner of the Silver Thimble Award.

Past recipients are:

Elizabeth Teerlink 2017
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Barbara Walsh 2015
Sharon Wright 2014
Bonnie Miles 2013
Virginia Lee 2012
Carol B. Johnson 2011
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Eunice Young 1998
Saundra Trip 1997


In 1997 the first Silver Thimble award was created to recognize outstanding service and commitment to the Utah Quilt Guild and its mission to encourage, promote and preserve the art of quilt making in Utah.
If you know of someone special, who has contributed greatly to the promotion and enjoyment of quilting in the area served by the Utah Quilt Guild, please consider nominating them for this prestigious award. Is there someone who has inspired you to be a better quilter or who has been an impressive force in bringing quilters together?  Fill out the form below and nominate this special person for the Silver Thimble.

Silver Thimble Nomination

Form to nominate a person to receive the Silver Thimble