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Classes being streamed for Remote Fest 2020

Note:  BSK is a basic sewing kit
103 Blue Daisies by: Francine Berrett

Pattern Fee
:  $15.00 (Required)

Kit Fee:  $10.00 (Required)

Class Description:  This award-winning quilt is easy to make! The technique used is machine piecing and the teacher’s own technique of needle turn applique

Class Supply List:  1 yd each of contrasting red fabrics for vine blocks, 4 yds red for inset triangles, corners, outer border, and center squares. Scraps of reds for centers of daisies. 2-1/2 yds of varieties of creams. A variety of greens for vine and leaves, a total of 2-1/2 yds. 1/2 yd of dark green for inner border. Variety of blues for the daisies’ petals.   Basic sewing kit, threads to match applique, scissors with blunt ends

Included in Kit:  Instructor will teach her method of doing applique.  The kit will include Needles, Freezer Paper, and Roxanne’s Glue.  Purchasing of kit is required.

104 Granny's Scrappy Row Quilt  by: Heather Dunn

Pattern Fee:  No

Kit Fee:  $20.00 (Required)

Class Description:  The PERFECT Scrapbuster! Make a traditional quilt with NON-TRADITIONAL PIECING! Complete this 70x80 inch (BEFORE BORDERS) Scrappy quilt with NO strip piecing! Amazing 2" finished squares. Enjoy perfect corners and stable, flat blocks every time. Use TenSisters Easy Piecing foundation to make your new favorite quilt!

Supply List
:  BSK, required $20 kit fee, YOU BRING fabric. Scrappy rows: 2 yds total of scraps (Cutting around (500) 2 1/2 INCH SQUARES of colors and (200) 2 1/2 INCH SQUARES of plain background fabric) Plain rows: 2 yds (Cut 7x72 inches AFTER scrappy rows are sewn so you can measure the exact length!) Optional Border: 1 1/4 yd

Included in Kit:  Kit includes 5 panels (5 for the price of 4 panels!) of Easy Piecing On-Point Border Panels, general Easy Piecing instructions and pattern.

Pre-Class Preparation:  Come to class with your 2 ½ inch squares cut.    

107 KOZee KAMPer Quilt  by: Linda Seitz

Pattern Fee:  $17.00 (Required)

Kit Fee:  No

Machine:  Required

Class Description:  This is a fun and creative stack/slice/shift and stitch project for making a fun quilt loaded with cozy little campers and trees.... a quilt that is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves RVing!

Class Supply List:  BSK (including a straight ruler, cutting mat, and rotary cutter), 5 feet of 18" wide, plastic coated Freezer Paper, black fine line Sharpie marker, (12) 14" squares of different fabrics for the campers, 1 fat quarter of black fabric for trailer hitches and tires, 4 different fat eights for the trees, 6” square of fabric for the tree trunks, 4-1/2 to 5 yards of background fabric. If planning ahead for the border, backing, and binding, you will need 1-1/2 yards border fabric, 4 yards backing fabric, and 1/2 yard for the binding. Students wishing to make just 6 camper blocks and 4 tree blocks need only bring (6) 14" squares of camper fabrics, the black hitch fabric, the tree fabrics, and 10 fat quarters of background fabric. All fabrics should be pressed and sized or starched.

Included in Kit: n/a

112 Queen of Hexies  by: Florence Evans

Pattern Fee:  $5.00 (Required)

Kit Fee:  No

Machine:  Required

Class Description:  If you’ve always wanted to make a one-patch hexagon quilt, but were afraid of those “Y” seams, this is the class for you!  Working from a set of “precuts”, we will cut half-hexagons without templates, mix or match the pieces and assemble the quilt in rows.  Choose between large hexagons (8”), medium hexagons (6”) or small hexagons (4”) for a lap-sized throw with optional borders.  This pattern looks great in any style of fabric:  traditional, modern, batiks, scrappy, etc.  Grab a favorite “pre-cut” and join us to learn this fun and fast technique.

Supply List:  


For the large-sized hexagons, bring one of the following:

One set of 10” squares (40 or 42 to a set) OR one set of 2 ½” strips (40 or 42 to a set)

OR at least 12 Fat Quarters (more FQ’s provide more variety)

For the medium-sized hexagons, bring one of the following:

40   Fat Eighths OR at least 12 Fat Quarters (more FQ’s provide more variety)

For the small-sized hexagons, bring one of the following:

One set of 2 ½” strips (40 or 42 to a set) OR at least 15 Fat Quarters (more FQ’s provide more variety)

Optional:  2 yards of border fabric


Sewing machine, foot pedal, power cord, accessories box, instruction manual.  Basic sewing kit.  Neutral colored thread.  Rotary cutter and mat.  Rectangular Ruler - 6” x 12” or similar size with a 60° diagonal line.  60° triangle ruler, 8 ½” or 12” size with either a pointed tip or a flat tip (any brand/manufacturer) OR the Hex N More Ruler by (Jaybird Quilts)

Optional - Piece of batting, flannel or muslin, for a design space and to transport pieces home

Included in Kit:  n/a

113 Curious About Rulers  by: Mary Hyatt

Pattern Fee
:  No

Kit Fee:  No

Machine:  No

Class Description:  Are you like "Alice in QuiltLand" ... Curious about Ruler Work?  Learn the process, tools & techniques of Machine Quilting with Westalee designs and products.  Find out what are the newest "must haves" in Template Designs.  Ruler Work continues to be the “Hot” in the quilting world. Come discover, explore and imagine joining in ruler work. Check out all the amazing education materials, patterns and classes available.  Come see Templates in action.  The trunk show will inspire and show the diversity and depth ruler work templates offer in quilting with your home machine or Long Arm.

Supply List:   n/a

Included in Kit:  n/a

213 Alice In Stringland  by: Liz Teerlink

Kit Fee:  

Pattern Fee:  No

Machine:  No

Class Description:  When Alice fell into the rabbit hole and landed in a String Land lecture, she was astonished by what she saw. Huge piles of colorful fabrics cut into long strips covered every flat surface. "I wonder if I can make the piles shrink if I sprinkle the Drink Me potion on them", she thought. The String Land presenter explained that by using string piecing techniques the piles would soon disappear. The strings could be incorporated into at least 12 different unique blocks which could then be used for making quilts. Chevrons, Circles, Diamonds, Flying Geese, Half Square Triangles, Hearts, Log cabins, Pineapples, Squares, Spools, Stars, and Triangles blocks would make the scrappy strings piles evaporate. Each block would have extra texture, dimension and colorful sparkles because of the multiple fabrics incorporated into each block. Alice decided to stay in the lecture to watch the magic happen.  If you have a string quilt, please bring your quilt to share and inspire.

Supply List:  n/a

Included in Kit:  n/a

215 From Photo to Fabric  by: Sharon Aposhian Wright

Kit Fee:  

Pattern Fee:  No

Machine:  No

Class Description:  This is a lecture on How do I get from here . . . to there . . .and why would I want to?!  In this fun lecture I will show you, in my simple and unsophisticated way, how I take a quilt from photograph to fabric. This is a great end-of-the-day lecture where you can come, relax, laugh, see pictures, share ideas, get inspired, and eat caramels, of course.

Supply List:  n/a

Included in Kit:  n/a

402 Oh My Stars!  by: Deonn Stott

Pattern Fee
:  $10.00 (Required)

Kit Fee:  No

Machine:  Required

Class Description:  This gem of a quilt uses basic blocks and time-saving techniques to create a complex-looking design you'll love for years to come. Each of the techniques taught will produce multiple units with just a few squares. Paired with some of Deonn's favorite tips for precision and speed- piecing, this class is great for beginning quilters and seasoned quilters alike. We'll make one block in class to finish as a pillow or use it to kick-start your next quilt in any size from crib to king size.         

Supply Lists:  

PILLOW (18" x 18")
 Print A (main) 1/4 yard or 1 fat quarter (approx. 18" x 21") Print B (leaves) 1/4 yard or 1 fat quarter, Background  1/4 yard or 1 fat quarter, Backing 1/2 yard,  Binding 1/8 yard (optional) Pillow Form: 18" to 20'' Optional - Coordinating scraps and matching embroidery floss for center square.   

THROW (60" x 60") Main Prints - 9 assorted fat quarters, Coordinating Prints - 3 assorted 1/2 yard cuts,  Background 2 yards,  Binding 5/8 yard, Backing  3-5/8 yards

Contact instructor for other sizes

Included in Kit:  n/a

404 All Roads to Rotterdam!   by: Rachel Harvey

Pattern Fee
:  $4.50 (Required)

Kit Fee:  No

Machine:  Required

Class Description:  The Cheshire Cat said, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road can take you there.”  Our Wonderland adventure will take us down the Road to Rotterdam with Shawn York’s pattern.  It’s the perfect mix of old and new and a touch of optional wool applique if you’re feeling wonderful!  It’s perfect as a stash buster or you can use just a few fabric colors.  It’s your own journey down the QuiltLand road.    

Supply List:  (7) 1/2 yard cuts of different colored focus fabrics for blocks.  (7) 1/3 yard cuts of coordinating background fabrics for blocks.  (2) yds of small black print for blocks, inner border and binding.  (2) yards of fabric for sashing and borders  (6) 8”x8” solid color wool for tulips (optional)  (2) 8”x8” solid green wools for corner leaves (optional).  Sewing machine in good working order, thread for piecing and thread for wool applique (optional), and bsk

Included in Kit:  n/a