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Utah Virtual Quilt Show 2020

When I go to a guild meeting or any quilt show, I enjoy seeing the quilts and hearing or reading the stories.  While this year will be different, we do have an opportunity to share our quilts and the stories from this year. We are going to have an on-line (virtual) show (and short written tell) of our quilts.  

This year our quilts won’t be judged, these are all for fun.  Have you finished quilts from prior Quiltfests this year?  Show us the pictures and tell us how long it took you to complete the quilt.  I’ve almost completed a quilt from the 2008 Quiltfest.  I’m hoping it’s done in the next few weeks.  If not, at least the one I started in 2011 or maybe it was 2012 is going to be completed (I hope).  Please let us see what you’ve been working on.  I always find it fun to be inspired by what others have accomplished.  Did you try a new technique?  Did you love it or will you never do it again.  Share a bit of your story so we can learn (and maybe laugh) along with your adventures.

Are you part of a guild and you want to share the guild challenge from this year (or last).  Enter the quilts and tell me which “group” you are a part of for this show.  I’ll bundle them together so we get a better idea of what as a group you have been working on.

Assuming next year we are back to something more normal, we will add a year to the Quilt eligibility requirements, so sharing this year, doesn’t change your quilt’s eligibility for next year.

The form to submit your pictures and stories is included in the Beeline and in the “RemoteFest” brochure and is on-line.  I’m looking forward to seeing the wonderful work that has been going on across the state.  If you have questions about how to submit your information, please call Louise Mudd at 385-445-8500 or 801-771-9379.  Leave a message if I don’t answer or send me an email at or text me at 385-445-8500.

For a Printable form, CLICK HERE

Utah Quilt Guild Virtual Quilt Show – 2020


Please send a picture of the entire quilt, and up to 3 close-ups of the quilt to Louise Mudd.  Try to make these pictures special.  If you can, try going outside in the shade so your lighting is good.  Maybe you want to drape it over a fence or a chair in the backyard, let’s make this a fun showing.  Once you have your picture or pictures, you can choose one of multiple ways to send them to me.  My email is  Or you can text a copy of the entry form and the pictures to Louise at 385-445-8500.  If you need to send it in the mail, send it to, Louise Mudd  1102 E 2550 N  Layton, UT  84040.  (If you mail me photos, they will not be returned) 

If you have questions please call.  If I don’t answer please leave a message, 385-445-8500 (cell) or 801-771-9379 (home)


Utah Quilt Guild Virtual Quilt Show 2020

Form for providing information for the Virtual Quilt Show