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Due to social distancing guidelines, there will only be 6 people to a table. For a group of 6 or less:
Step 1 – Buy your lecture luncheon ticket!
Step 2 – Gather information from your quilty friends. Be sure you know which day(s) they bought a lecture luncheon ticket. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! 
Step 3 - For each person, you must enter first and last name, email address, any Special meals (diabetic, gluten free, vegetarian, food allergy) and lunch day(s). 
Step 4 - Click “Submit.”
Step 5 - Check your email for confirmation.

Some things to remember:
• The deadline for making group table reservations will be Sunday, September 5, 2021 at 10 pm.
• All reservations are contingent on payment being received by September 6, 2021.
• Confirmations will be sent out via email on Sunday, September 12, 2021.
• Each person in the group will receive his/her own email confirmation.
• Tickets purchased after September 5th are for the standard meal. No special requests (D, G, V, A)

Table Reservation for Quilt Fest Lecture Luncheons

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