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Step by Step Instructions on how to Register

Step 1:  Go to the Registration Form and look for the 1st Section, Basic Fees




Basic Fees




Utah Quilt Guild Annual Membership Fee

 $   20.00


Member NONREFUNDABLE Registration Fee

 $   30.00


Nonmember NONREFUNDABLE Registration Fee

 $   60.00


Credit Card Fees (charged on all cancellations)


Basic Fees are required for all attending 2022 QuiltFest and are non-refundable.
    1.    If you are already a Utah Quilt Guild Member, click on 002-22 Member NONREFUNDABLE Registration Fee and add it to your cart.  Then come back to the Registration Form.
     2.   If you are not a member of the Utah Quilt Guild, you can choose to join and then receive the Member Registration reduced price OR you can remain a non-member and pay the Non-member Registration price.
          A.   To join the Utah Quilt Guild, 1) click 001-22 Utah Quilt Guild Annual Membership Fee and add it to your cart.  Then come back to the Registration Form and 2) click on 002-22 Member NONREFUNDABLE Registration Fee and add it to your cart.  Come back to the Registration Form.
         B.   To remain a non-member of the guild and pay the Non-member Registration price, click 003-22 Nonmember NONREFUNDABLE Registration Fee and add it to your cart.  Come back to the Registration Form.

Note:  If you do cancel for any reason, you will need to pay the fees charged by the credit card company.  They would be deducted from your refund.

Step 2: Choose your Classes:
Thursday Classes    
200-22 Now You Give it a Scrap Slap Workshop  $    50.00
201-22 Ypsilon Illusion  $    30.00
202-22 Linked  $    30.00
203-22 Sew'd to Joy  $    30.00
204-22 Scraptastic Stars  $    30.00
205-22 Stitch Dangerously  $    30.00
206-22 Loose Change  $    30.00
207-22 Goodnight Star (Parts 1 & 2)  $    60.00
208-22 Moroccan Lullaby   $    30.00
209-22 Quilt with Friends-Lecture  $    20.00
210-22 Twinkle, Twinkle... Winchester Cathedral - Becky Tesch  $    30.00
211-22 Fun Curves  $    30.00
212-22 Intro to Accordian Sewn HST Workshop  $    50.00
Friday Classes    
300-22 Carpenter's Apprentice Workshop  $ 100.00
301-22 Barn Quilt (Morning Class)  $    30.00
302-22 Turning Up Pumpkins  $    30.00
303-22 Crumb Quilting  $    30.00
304-22 Wedding Star (Parts 1 & 2)  $    60.00
305-22 Swirling Leaves  $    30.00
306-22 Barn Quilt (Afternoon Class)  $    30.00
307-22 Ruby Radiance  $    30.00
308-22 Maple Leaf (Parts 1 & 2)  $    60.00
310-22 Blooming Stars  $    30.00
311-22 Featherweight Maintenance  $    30.00
312-22 Patchwork Pumpkin Trio  $    30.00
Saturday Classes    
400-22 Syncopated Ribbon Workshop  $ 100.00
401-22 Patchwork Village (Parts 1 & 2)  $    60.00
402-22 Doodle (Parts 1 & 2)  $    60.00
403-22 Deco Quilt  $    30.00
404-22 Merry Go Round  $    30.00
Other Events    
500-22 Swap Meet Table Registration Fee  $    40.00
501-22 Swap Meet Table Rental Fee  $    20.00
502-22 Mystery Quilt  $    10.00
503-22 Orphan Blocks  FREE 
504-22 Intro to Sewing  FREE 
505-22 Charity Quilts - Fisher House  FREE 
506-22 Bed Turning  $    20.00
507-22 Stretching/Physical Therapy  $    20.00

Classes are listed by day, including Other Events. They are also listed on the daily schedule. You will find class details by clicking on the name of the class, or on the small picture in the description.  

Once you have decided on a class, add it to your cart.  You can press the back button from the cart to get back to the list.

NOTE:  Kit fees, supply fees, and pattern fees are paid directly to your teacher at the time of your class. They are not part of your class fees

Step 3:  Choose your Retreat Room options:

You'll find the options on the Registration Worksheet or in the Featured Category section on the QuiltFest Page.  Click the name to go to the details and Add to Cart button.

Step 4:  Choose your Meals:

Meal Information 




Registered Person Meals




Meal Package ALL WEEK                                  

 $ 125.00


Wednesday Gala Appetizers

 $   35.00


Thursday Lunch & Lecture

 $   35.00


Friday Lunch & Lecture

 $   35.00


Saturday Lunch & Lecture

 $   35.00







Registered Person Lunch Lecture Only




Thursday Lunch Lecture Only

 $   25.00


Friday Lunch Lecture Only

 $   25.00


Saturday Business Meeting








Nonregistered Person/Guest Meals




Wednesday Gala Appetizers Nongistered/Guest

 $   50.00


Thursday Lunch Nonregistered/Guest

 $   45.00


Friday Nonregistered/Guest

 $   45.00


Saturday Nonregistered/Guest

 $   45.00




Lunch with Friends and Special Meal Needs




Enter your Lunch Friends



Diabetic Meal



Gluten Free Meal



Vegetarian Meal



Food Allergy



Vegetarian Meal



Food Allergy


All meals are optional.
    1.    If you are registered for QuiltFest and would like any meals, click on the options in Registered Persons Meal and add it to your cart.  Then come back to the Registration Form.
     2.   If you are registered for QuiltFest and would like to attend the lecture but DO NOT WANT THE meal, click on the options in Registered Person Lunch Lecture Only and add it to your cart.  Then come back to the Registration Form.
     3.   If you would like to be a NON-registered guest with you to any meal, you will click on the options in Nonregistered Person/Guest Meals and add it to your cart.

Seating Requests

We will again have assigned tables for lunches, so if you have friends you want to sit with, make sure everyone has a purchased a lunch ticket, and then go to the website and request to sit together.  Seating will be at tables of 8.  If you just want to meet new people every day, don’t request to sit with anyone specific, and we’ll move you around to different groups every day.  Seating requests are due by October 6.  We’ll send out seating assignments prior to Quilt Fest.

   4.   To enter the names of friends you would like to sit with, click on Enter your Lunch Friends in the Lunch with Friends and Special Meal Needs Section.

Special Meal Requests
Special meals such as vegetarian, gluten free, and diabetic are available upon request. These requests must be made before October 6th in order for the Eccles Conference Center to be able to accommodate special meal requests.
     5.   To make meal requests, click on any of the options in Lunch with Friends and Special Meal Needs Section, "purchase" the option and then fill in the form that is linked in the specific meal type section.

Step 5: Enter quilts for Challenge, Quilt Show or for sale.




Quilt Show Fees




Challenge Quilt Entry Fee

 $   10.00


Member Quilt Show Entry Fee - To be Judged

 $   15.00


Member Quilt Show Entry Fee - Display Only

 $   15.00


Hanging Fee for Quilt Sale

 $   25.00

     1.  Use 680-22 in order to enter a quilt in the Ode to Joy Challenge Quilt competition  

     2.   Enter up to 3 quilts total in the 2022 QuiltFest Quilt Show. Up to 2 quilts may be judged and 1 or more may be placed for display only.  The first quilt is free.  Remaining quilts are $15.00 each.  Use the code from the Beeline or "Registration is Open" email during checkout to receive your free quilt entry.  You will only be able to use the code once per member.  If you forget to use it, we will appreciate the donation (sorry, no refunds.)
Checklist for Entering a Quilt in the Show, # 681-22 and 682-22.

1. Read the quilt show rules (on the Quilt Show Information Page - Click here) and make sure your quilt(s) comply with all rules.
2. Determine which category your quilt fits into.
3. Submit your entry form online by September 19, 2022.
4. Be prepared to submit a short description of your quilt.
5. Deliver your quilt(s) to selected shops  September 21 - October 1, 2022 (Shops are listed below) or you can mail or deliver your quilts to Debbie Breivik, 2468 Russell Cir, Holladay, UT 84117. They must arrive by October 8. If you are delivering in person, please call first to make sure she is at home. Call Debbie at 801-971-2404.
     Shops for delivery
My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe 1115 N 200 E, #230, Logan, Utah 84341
Bertha & Beulah's 406 E 2650 N, North Ogden, Utah 84414
Jewels Fabric Stash 575 W 2600 S, Bountiful, Utah 84010
Quilts on the Corner 220 Main Street, Sandy, Utah 84070
Forget Me Not Quilt Shoppe 12652 S 2700 W Suite B, Riverton, Utah 84065
American Quilting 426 W 800 N, Orem, Utah 84057
Corn Wagon Quilt Co. 303 E 400 S, Springville, Utah 84663
Paisley Patch Quilts 21 N Main Street, Nephi, Utah 84648
Stitching It Up 117 N Main Street, Cedar City, Utah 84720
Scrap Apple Quilts 144 W Brigham Road #23, St. George, Utah 84790
Nuttal's Sewing Centers 78 S Fairfield Road E, Layton, Utah 84040
     5410 S 900 E, Murray, Utah 84117
     12538 S 1960 W, Riverton, Utah 84065
     518 N 2000 W, Pleasant Grove, Utah 84062   .

     3.  Use 685-22 if you would like to have your quilt hung for public sale and profit

Remember, the show will end on Saturday October 22, 2022. You may pick up your quilt after approximately 4:00 pm, at the North entrance.  Please note that for security reasons you’ll need to show your identification to pick up your quilts, and we cannot accommodate the early pickup of any quilts.

Step 6: Sign up to Volunteer:

700-22 Teacher's Pet N/A
701-22 QuiltFest Volunteer N/A

A Teacher's Pet is a member of the class who assists the teacher during the class and introduces the teacher.
QuiltFest Volunteers help out in many ways.  Details are in the link at the "class" information.  Click on the title for details.

Step 7:  Checkout
Follow the information after pressing the Checkout button.  Don't forget to put your Quilt Show entry code in the Coupon box.

You should receive an email after paying and checking out.  You can use the "Login" link to create an individual account and have access to all of the purchases you have made through this website.

Step 8:  Relax and enjoy the anticipation of a great time.

Let us know if you have any issues, suggestions, comments or compliments. We'd love to hear from you.

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