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Please remember to put the Quilt Fest registration in your cart when you are signing up for Quilt Fest.

We’ve had folks ask why we don’t use a discount code any more for members – it’s because people forget to enter it, then want a refund after they see what they’ve forgotten.  That costs us money each time we do a credit card refund – so instead we charge non-members a higher registration fee (usually there are less than 5 non-members that attend Quilt Fest classes and events).  This approach saves us time and money.  And it results in the same prices to our members.  And yes, every registration and purchase is reviewed to make sure that the correct fees are being collected.


  1.       Registration opens May 1, 2024.
  2.       Update your membership or join the Guild to ensure you get the reduced Registration
  3.       Quilt Fest Registrar Contact: Linda Eastlick,  801-599-66130 or



  1.       Click on UQG Annual Membership Fee to become a new member or to renew your membership.
  2.       Click on the Member or Nonmember Registration Fee and add it to your cart.  THE REGISTRATION FEE IS REQUIRED.
  3.       Then click on other desired items for details and add them to your cart. If the item is sold out, it will not be added.
  4.       Follow the on-line instructions to make payment.
  5.       DO NOT register or pay for anyone else using your account.  Contact the Register for assistance.  NOTE – if you pay or register for someone else, it is likely that YOUR registration will be LOST! So please contact the Registrar for assistance.



Log into the website again and follow the same instructions to add the additional items.



Please remember meals cannot be individually customized.  If Your Special Meal Requests exceed those available on the Registration Form, you may wish to eat at a nearby restaurant and join us only for the speaker or event.


  1.       Contact the Quilt Fest Registrar (see above)
  2.       Registration Fees and credit card processing fees are nonrefundable.
  3.       50% of other fees will be refunded IF cancellation occurs prior to July 1.
  4.       NO refund if cancellation is July 1 or later.



  1.       Pick-up registration packet at the Registration Desk
  2.       You MUST wear your name tag lanyard. 

New Participants will receive a free name tag lanyard.  Prior Participants - don’t forget your lanyard – replacement cost is $5.00!

Click here to be taken to the registration page to select the correct registration for
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Hotel and Nearby Restaurants

The Utah Quilt Guild has made arrangements with the Hilton Garden Inn and the Home2Home Suites for rooms.
Click this link for additional information.

Other Hotels/Restaurants in the Area


There are other hotel and eating options in the area, look on the website for more information.


Sample nearby Hotels

Best Western Plus

Hampton by Hilton

Holiday Inn Express

Towne Place Suites


Sample nearby Restaurants

Roosters Brewing Company and Restaurant

Red Fort Cuisine of India

Red Robin




Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers

Noodles and Company

Café Rio

Mod Pizza

Silver Thimble

The Silver Thimble Award was created to honor recipients for outstanding service and commitment to the Utah Quilt Guild. The award recognizes people who advance the mission of the Utah Quilt Guild to encourage, promote and preserve the art of quilt making.  Think of those who have inspired, taught, and “loved you” into becoming a quilter. Consider someone who has given unselfish service in helping you and others to develop skills at every level of personal quilting achievement.  Since the inception of the award in 1997, each of the honorees has been an excellent example of knowledge and kindness and has gone above and beyond in their desire to help others.  Please take some time and submit the name of a person in the Utah Quilt Guild that you think is worthy of this praise and recognition by all its members and friends.

To nominate someone for this award please see the website for the form and additional information.

                  QUILT FEST NEEDS YOU!

During Quilt Fest (Tuesday August 20th – Saturday, August 24th, 2024), there are 100 two hour time slots that need to be filled with Volunteers!  Different things will be required of the Volunteers in the different areas.  (NOTE: these slots do not include TEACHER’S PETS, because these positions need to be filled by quilters who are signed up to take the class that they want to be a Teacher’s Pet in.)  Below are the areas needing Volunteers. Please look over these opportunities and after you have decided what classes you will be signing up for, figure out what choice or choices fit into your schedule.  YOU can sign up by clicking the link provided!  And know that your help will be so appreciated, because we can’t do this without wonderful volunteers!  Here’s the list:

  •        Areas requiring only being there, and not handling money:

o   Meal Ticket Takers (will require standing at the door to the room where meals will be served)

o   Art Basket Auction area (can sit and work on your hand sewing projects)

o   Quilt Show Security (will need to be keeping an eye open on the Antique quilt area)

  •        Areas requiring money responsibilities:

o   Quilt Show Entrance

o   Mini Quilt Tickets at the Mini Quilt display

o   Opportunity Quilt ticket sales


And YES, there will be ‘goodie bags’ for everyone who signs up! (The more slots you sign up for, the more goodies will be in your bag!)  Looking forward to working with all of you!!!  Thanks so much.

Linda Alico, Chairwoman over Volunteers for the 2024 Quilt Fest

Click this link to be taken to the volunteer sign up page
we will activate this link soon

Mini Quilts


We love to see the beautiful mini quilts everyone creates for Quilt Festival.  Please contribute a small quilt for this excellent cause.  Mini Quilts need to be 20” per each side or smaller for our Mini Quilt fundraiser at Quilt Festival.  At Quilt Fest, just choose mini quilts that you like, buy tickets for $1.00 per ticket or 6 for $5.00, and then place the tickets in the corresponding envelopes.  Winning tickets will be drawn on the FRIDAY evening at the After Party from each envelope and a lucky person will take that mini quilt home.   Note: These quilts do not need to be pre-registered on the website to be displayed at Quilt Fest.

Art Baskets


One of the favorite "things to do" at the annual Utah Quilt Fest is to look at the Art Auction Basket display and decide which baskets you want to bid on, hoping you'll win at least one of them!  Baskets are put together and donated by individuals and quilt guilds and each contain a myriad of quilting treasures including fabric, notions, patterns and treats which range from chocolate to concert tickets.  So please be sure to check out this year's wonderful Art Basket treasures and make bids on the ones you would love to take home!

This is a primary fund raiser for the Utah Quilt Guild is our annual Art Basket Silent Auction.  This fund raiser covers most of the costs associated with our quilt show!

Here are the basic guidelines: Donations can be quilting related items, fabrics, notions, household items…perhaps even a quilt! Notions, patterns and fabric should be new and quilted items should be in excellent condition and free of pet hair, dander, perfume, etc.  The baskets should contain anything you would enjoy receiving if you “won” the basket.  (like chocolate!)

To aid in the display, items need to be in some type of container, such as a tin, a box, a basket, etc. Submissions need to be wrapped in clear cellophane. Embellishments such as bows are good, but please attach a list of the contents along with an approximate value and who is providing the donation, which could be either a group or an individual.  Quilts do not need to be wrapped.

500 Mystery Quilt

                Intrigue and mystery surround the mystic of a Mystery Project.  If you haven’t participated in a Mystery before, this is your year!  Each daily clue, coupled with your sleuthing skills,  brings you closer to solving the Mystery.  Clues are given daily beginning with Tuesday evening and at lunch time each day.  The reveal is always on Saturday morning and we have a special showing of last year’s completed projects at the luncheon on Saturday.  Come join us cautiously as we proceed to resolve this year’s Mystery.

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501 Charity Sew (Supports Christmas Box House) – Wednesday evening

The Christmas Box International works to prevent child abuse and defend children through a culture of universal diversity, inclusion, and love.
They partner with local, national, and international groups to improve the quality of life for children, teens, and young adults who are victims of abuse, neglect, trafficking, or are facing homelessness.
We will be collecting 12-1/2 inch block to be sewn together on Wednesday evening.

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502 Orphan Block Night – Thursday Evening


As you save your orphan blocks to be sewn into a family of beautiful quilts, I hope you'll also think of us if you have batting that may need a new home also. The quilt tops completed at Quilt Fest will need to be quilted which requires batting and backing, a little larger expense than just an orphan block or two. If you have it in your heart, we'd really appreciate batting also. Our largest quilts are often twin size, so twin or lap sizes would be greatly appreciated. 

Please join us for fun, candy and prizes at Orphan Block night.  We have a huge collection of orphan blocks and fabric, much of which is being pre-assembled into kits.  You will be greeted with a large selection of orphan block kits, yardage and individual orphan blocks to pick from.  Work in teams or on your own to come up with fun on-the-fly designs using previously-made, abandoned fabrics.  Donate your quilts to charity, keep them or present them to a loved one when completed.   Don't miss a super fun, exhilarating night of designing and sewing!

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