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About Us

Purpose: To encourage, promote and preserve the art of quiltmaking.

The Utah Quilt Guild:  The Utah Quilt Guild is a nonprofit organization formed in 1977 to encourage, promote and pre-serve the art of quilt making. The Utah Quilt Guild works to foster appreciation for fine quilts, sponsor and support quilting activities, teach quilt making, and preserve the history of quilts and quilt makers.  It is guided by Bylaws and Policies and Procedures.

"30 Years Strong... & Beyond" is a book about the creation of the UQG back in 1977 and the guild's activities through 2007.  It is a fairly large Adobe pdf file.  If you do not want to download it and would prefer to see a hard copy, please contact the UQG Librarian.


The guild is formed by combining all chapters and areas. It is governed by a board of elected and appointed officers and area representatives.  UQG members may belong to the guild without participating in any chapter or area, nor residing within an area served by the guild.

The Utah Quilt Guild is divided into geographic Areas, and the Areas into Chapters. Most Chapters meet regularly each month. A list of open Chapters and their representatives is published regularly. An annual meeting of the Guild is held each fall and includes a judged quilt show, merchants’ mall, and classes and lectures featuring both local and national teachers.  Attendance at Chapter, Area, or Annual meetings is completely optional, but is strongly encouraged! Interaction with other quilters is one of the great benefits of Guild membership.

Current Officers:
 Twila Gutierrez- President
 Deborah Slechta - President Elect
 Leanna Stauffer - Past President

Membership benefits include:
  1. Beeline newsletter monthly,
  2. Discounted class and entrance fees at Guild-sponsored events,
  3. Fabric discounts at participating quilt stores, and
  4. Incalculable benefits derived from the company of diverse creative quilters of all ages. 
Annual dues are $20.00. All memberships run from April 1st through March 31st. A completed Membership Application form must be included with your dues. Please complete the form online or mail paper applications and renewals to:
UQG Membership Registrar
974 Chatham Dr
North Salt Lake, UT 84054-6121

You can also contact the membership chair at

The Beeline is published eleven times yearly (February through December) and is available to members by the first of each month.  Members are encouraged to submit articles for publication! Submitted articles may be edited for content or length.  Please contact the editor if you have questions. 

Beeline advertising is available for quilting-related products or services. Ads may be sent on disk or by e-mail as .JPG or .TIF image file attachments, or camera-ready hard copy may be mailed. Note that color may not reproduce well. Submissions must be received no later than the 10th of the previous month. Ads must be accompanied by payment in full. Checks should be made out to Utah Quilt Guild.  The Editor reserves the right to refuse ads which do not meet the size requirements, or which are not related to quilting.
Submit Beeline articles and ads to:
Michelle Stay, Beeline Editor
5288 W American Acres Dr
Garland UT 84312-6711

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