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Quilting with a Full Deck Challenge
$5 entry fee

UPDATE:  The Full Deck Challenge will be posted online for the RemoteFest 2020, with a People's Choice vote, and will be displayed and judged at QuiltFest 2021.  The Deadline remains the same as originally posted.  Pictures of the quilts will be needed as soon as you send them in.

When Alice fell down the rabbit hole and went to wonderland she encountered playing cards protecting the Queen of Hearts and doing her bidding. When Alice had a heated exchange with the Queen, the cards begin to attack her. “You are nothing but a pack of cards,” Alice chides them to let them know that they can't hurt her.

In order for Alice to be comfortable in our Quilt Land we want to welcome her with our own renditions of a full deck of cards that are softly quilted. We are soliciting our guild members in the form of a challenge to make a full deck of cards.


Here are our “Quilting with a Full Deck” guidelines:

Before you fill out the online form (below), please contact Liz Teerlink 801-224-8038 H or 801-400-8581 C, or with the choice of a card that you would like to use. Obviously, we want a full, complete "deck" and some "cards" have already been claimed! First come first choice. You won't want to miss this challenge!!

Make a small quilt 18”wide by 28” high with rounded corners (the proportions for a playing card)

The card suit and numbers need to be visible on the front of the card

Express the meaning of your inspiration in the content of the quilt

Any technique, quilting or binding application is acceptable.

A 4” hanging sleeve must be attached to the back.

Name and contact information of the quilt maker needs to be attached to the quilt back

Please include a short bio of the quilter with the reason the card was selected

Deadline September 15, 2020

The quilts can be brought to the first day of quilt festival or mailed to

Liz Teerlink 9187 Silver Lake Dr. Cedar Hills, Utah 84062


Would you be willing to have your quilt in a traveling show for one year?


We need 54 members to commit to this project for a Full Deck. There are 52 playing cards and 2 jokers. Let your imagination run wild, after all you will be in Quilt Land!!

Fill out the online form below and send the $5 fee to Liz Teerlink. Please make out checks to the Utah Quilt Guild. There will be a viewer's choice voting for the challenge with prizes of $50 for first place, $35 for second place and $25 for third place.


Here are some card facts that may give you some inspiration.

Cards spots equal 365 days

4 suits 4 seasons and 4 weeks in a month

13 cards in each suit 13 weeks equals ¼ of a year

52 cards 52 weeks in a year

12 picture cards 12 months in a year

In the book, Alice in Wonderland, the spades are gardeners, clubs are soldiers, diamonds are courtiers, and hearts are members of the royal family.

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