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 The IQ Challenge Is On!

Those who turned in their IQ (Incomplete Quilts) form before April 1, 2021 are in for some fun and incentives.  We are following along the same guidelines as the 2020 challenge to get our quilts completed! 

3 rewards are possible:

  1. The first and most important is the personal satisfaction that comes from being a finisher.
  2. The second is a $20 gift certificate drawing each month of completed projects turned in.
  3. The third and final is a gift certificate(s) totaling $150 to a lucky overall winner to be drawn and announced at Quilt Fest 2021.   
The Twist?? Extra tickets in the drawing if you have more than 3 or more items to check off to complete your quilt! That means - for every 3 items you do to get that top completed - you will get 2 extra tickets (assuming that you have already purchased the fabric) So each COMPLETED top will be worth 3 tickets in the drawing!! Can I get a "WOOT-WOOT"?!!


We look forward to see who wins prizes this following year. 

  1. Once you have sent in the  IQ Challenge form via snail mail (2970 S Whites Way, Magna UT 84044 or email, make sure to keep a copy for yourself  
  2. Completed IQ’s may not be submitted after August 31, 2021
  3. Send a photo of your completed IQ’s and description or name to me each month that you complete one of more of your IQ's. Snail mail or email completions must be received no later than the last day of the following month to be included in the previous month's drawing. The winner will be announced in the next Beeline. Example: January's finished IQ's will be announced in March's beeline.

     5. Grand prize winners for the challenge will be drawn at the Saturday 2021 Quilt Fest luncheon. Each completed IQ will be entered to win one of the grand prizes.

We are changing the eligibility a little. In order to win the monthly prize  you must  be a member of UQG.
  In order to be the OVERALL winner of $150 in gift certificate(s) for all IQ’s completed, you need to be a UQG member and be in attendance at the Saturday Quilt Fest luncheon.

 Enjoy the process and HAVE FUN! 

Any questions or clarifications on the guidelines or how to submit, please email or call Leanna Stauffer 801-548-0824

Click here to download a pdf of the Challenge Instructions/Rules

Click here to download a pdf of the Challenge Form 

Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet of the Challenge Form

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