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093: 093 Retreat Room THURSDAY table rental 2021

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Located in the Stratus Room.

*Tables can only be used by one person at a time this year.  No sharing.*

Reserve a table so you can sew with new and old friends.  You can leave your work in progress while you go to class, lunch, the vendor mall, or to bed.

After you register, and pay for your table, you can let us know who you want to sit by or who you want to share a table with. All participants in the Retreat room need to be registered for Quilt Fest. Only one person needs to send in a request It needs to include all names. Deadline for these requests is September 1, 2021. Send your requests to

A few days prior to Quilt Fest, you will receive an email telling you which table you have been as-signed.

Personal irons will not be allowed at any of the tables. We will provide ironing stations and cutting stations.

No outside food is allowed in the Conference Center. If you bring something from the outside, we ask that you eat it outside, in your room or in the lobby of the hotel. Anything else is against the contract we have with the Conference Center.

THURSDAY ONLY – 16 Sept. – 7am to 11pm

093: 093 Retreat Room THURSDAY table rental 2021

$ 35.71
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