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Level: All levels

Time: Part 1: 3-hour class, Thursday, September 16, 2021, 2:00pm-5:00pm

           Part 2: 3-hour class, (#409) Saturday 18, 2021, 2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Class Fee: $50.00/71.42

Pattern Fee: $22.00

Kit Fee: n/a

Machine: Yes

Class Description - Birdsville by Wendy Williams is a wall hanging that has it all: machine piecing, wool appliqué, machine appliqué cotton appliqué, hand embroidery, special binding technique and embellishment with metallic threads. When completed and hanging on your wall, it will be a showstopper.

Class Supply List – You will come to class with your background already pieced and ready to go with the appliqués. Your wool will be selected and prepared with Soft Fuse before class. Freezer paper, scissors (paper and embroidery) wool thread to match your tree trunk and the other wool selected for the birds, flowers and leaves, #8 perle cotton for thread embellishment (hand embroidery). Fons and Porter Glue stick, Glue Baste-it.

Included in Kit – n/a

Pre-Class Preparation – You will be required to download the Wendy Williams pattern from Quiltmania Magazine #113. You must do this to follow the pattern in order to assemble the background which must be already made at home.  We start the class by adding the tree trunk and going from there.

Extended Supply List -Birdsville: Supply List – Please read through entire list before you begin!

 PATTERN: The most affordable way to obtain this pattern by Wendy Williams is to go to the website  Birdsville is on the cover of Issue No. 113.  The entire pattern, including photos and instructions, is located inside this issue.  The cost is $9.50 for the eMagazine.  In other words, you must download it onto your own computer and print out the pattern.  You must then tape the 6 pattern pieces together and take it to a printer and enlarge it by 111%. The only other option is to purchase a hardcopy pattern from Wendy Williams’ website: Flying Fish and the cost is $22.00 plus $7.00 shipping to the US from Australia for a total of $29.00. You must obtain the pattern early because of the requirement of preparing the background and having it ready BEFORE class begins. 

BACKGROUND: Use an assortment of 4 grey and 4 beige fabrics for the two-toned background.  Fabric selection should be very close in contrast.  This fabric is meant to fade into the background. Each of the 8 fabrics should be cut 6 inches by WOF. In addition you will also need 1 fat quarter of one of the beige fabrics and 1 fat quarter of one of the grey fabrics. Please starch all fabric before subcutting.  When I starch, I use StaFlo from Wal-Mart and soak the fabric in a 50/50 mixture of starch and water. I air dry the fabric and iron it with steam.  This takes care of any bleeding and/or shrinking.  We are working with biases and this helps to stabilize the background fabric.  Place two WOF fabric strips (right sides together) and subcut into 5 ½ inch squares.  You will get 7 sets out of two WOF strips. Cut one 5½ inch square from each fat qtr. On the wrong side of the darker fabric mark a diagonal cutting line from corner to corner.  Then sew a ¼ inch seam from that line on each side of it.  Cut on the marked line, open the 2 half square triangles, iron the seam to the darker side, and you have 2 two-toned squares. Square up each one to 4 ½ inches with seam allowance included. You need a total of 57 two-toned 4 ½ inch squares.  Follow the pattern to sew together these two-toned squares correctly.  You will have a few left over two-toned squares.  I used my leftovers for the label background. Also needed is one beige linen piece 7/8 yard.  After starching, drying, and ironing with steam, cut the linen exactly 28.5 by 36.5 inches.  The two-toned squares will be added to the beige linen piece, following the pattern.  Completed background will measure 40 by 48 inches.

 TREE:  Grey wool for the tree and branches.  You need a piece 5 by 40 inches.  Please stabilize this wool on the back with a piece of Softfuse cut 5 by 40 inches.  Leave the paper on the back until you are ready to fuse it onto the background.  Please come to class with this wool already cut into three long pieces of 1 by 40 inches and the rest cut into ½ inch wide strips for the branches.  Do not subcut yet.  We will be putting the tree and branches down onto the background the very first thing in class.

 FLOWERS: From your fabric stash, select cotton fabric with large flowers for the centers of the large tree flowers.  Think bright like Kaffe Fassett fabric.  You will be fussy cutting the centers to be appliqued onto the wool circles for the tree.  You will need enough for 32 large tree flowers and 8 small flowers for the foreground. Any prep work you can do on these flowers will be very helpful.

 BIRDS and FLOWERS: Assortment of 15 to 20 wool pieces for birds and flowers.  Bright colors work best: no muted colors.  6 by 10 inches are needed for each color.  I might suggest: Red, orange, burnt orange, bright yellow, gold, turquoise, sky blue, royal blue, purple, lavender, raspberry, fuchsia, bright pink, lime green, medium green, emerald green.  There is a greater use of orange in this quilt so bring plenty of that color if you wish.  PLEASE stabilize all the wool with Softfuse.

 LEAVES: 16 by 40 inches of medium green stabilized with Softfuse   Five bright colors for the leaf wool appliques: 10 by 10 inches each color (lime green, orange, raspberry, purple, bright yellow.) Please stabilize with Softfuse.

 EMBELLISHMENT:  #8 and #12 perle cotton and Chenille needles #24.  I use a lot as I thread up all the colors to be able to switch back and forth.  I also use Sue Spargo’s cotton Eleganza and wool Ellana thread. Start collecting the colors to match your wool.  Bring a pincushion for all of your threaded chenille needles.  We will be doing a lot of hand stitching in the second day class session.

 SUPPLIES: Fons and Porter glue stick, paper scissors, embroidery scissors, wool scissors (Karen Kaye Buckley’s Blue handled) applique thread to match your flower fabric, applique needles, freezer paper, water soluable marker, perfect circle templates, starch if you like to use it for the fabric circles, twenty 1/8 inch buttons in brown or black for the eyes of the birds. (Handmaiden in Sandy)

 QUESTIONS: I can be reached at and 801-616-9229.



$ 71.42
Class fee
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