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200-22: 200-22 Now YOU Give it a Scrap Slap! Workshop - Beth Helfter, EvaPaige Quilt Designs

Class Description: While all class members will work with the same block design, each person will be given different directions on color, value, contrast, and fabric placement to be used in their block as they sew. All fabrics are brought to the class as 3” squares and are put into a “scrap pool,” upping the scrappy fun of the completed blocks immensely! Participants will be taught the importance of value and creativity when choosing block fabrics, and in the end will be amazed by how one block can be transformed into so many different looks simply with fabric choices and placements. If time permits, participants will make a second scrappy block with no given “map” of color, value, contrast, etc – just their own scrap interpretations!

Pattern Fee:  n/a

Kit Fee:  n/a

Machine:  Required

SUPPLY LIST:  Note: This is a fabric sharing class. You are asked to cut the amounts of 3” squares below and bring them to class to put into a pool for everyone to draw from. You will NOT be using all of the fabrics you bring just yourself. Trust me, it makes it way more fun. Please use good quality quilting fabrics only and remember the golden rule of fabric sharing: If you wouldn’t want to use it, others won’t either. With that said, scraps from the last 15 years are cool.

When cutting your squares, all nine 3” squares for each bullet point below should be FROM THE SAME FABRIC. The best way to do this is cut ONE 9” square from each of the colors listed, then cut that ONE 9” square into nine 3” squares.

You will bring to class a total of 81 3” squares which have been cut from nine different fabrics. Please do not bring more than 100 3” squares to class – if you find yourself cutting more than 100 squares, please contact me to confirm you understand the directions and are only cutting extras because you are doing the OPTIONAL line.

• Nine 3” light neutral squares (grey, beige, or white)

• Nine 3” dark neutral squares (dark grey, black)

• Nine 3” light squares of any color

• Nine 3” light squares of a second color

• Nine 3” medium squares of any color

• Nine 3” medium squares of a second color

• Nine 3” dark squares of any color

• Nine 3” dark squares of a second color

• Nine 3” focus print squares (focus prints are those with lots of colors or busy patterns that don’t really fall into one color family)

• OPTIONAL –if you’d like to bring in more of the colored light, medium, or dark squares, please do!


Other items to bring:

• Piecing thread

• Full bobbins

• Cutting mat and Small ruler or HST trimming tool

• Rotary cutter

• Basic sewing supplies (snips, scissors, pins, seam ripper,…. you know the drill)


Any questions? Don’t be shy! Contact me at I look forward to giving it a scrap slap with you!

Skill Details:
All Levels
Instructor Name:
Beth Helfter & Eva Paige

200-22: 200-22 Now YOU Give it a Scrap Slap! Workshop - Beth Helfter, EvaPaige Quilt Designs

$ 50.00
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