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614-23: Tuesday Evening Dinner and Lecture - (Registered Person)

Sirloin Steak with Garlic Butter Whipped potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables and a Jack Daniels Glaze, House Salad, Roll, Butter, Dessert and Lemonade

Quilt Show Awards Ceremony
Best of Show and other award winners

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Evening Speaker
– Dr. Patricia Stoddard – Under the Stars: The Story of Ralli Quilts of Pakistan and India

The ralli quilts made by women throughout the southern regions of Pakistan and western areas of India are used by millions of people every night as they sleep outside under starry desert skies.  The handmade quilts are a long standing tradition using designs that date back to Indus Valley civilization times.  Mothers pass on their skills to their daughters who learn how to skillfully make patchwork, applique and embroidered designs.  The quilt materials have traditionally been cotton fabric, made from local cotton and dyed to vivid colors.  The quilts are prized possessions of the families who go to great lengths to protect them from floods or other natural disasters. 

Dr. Tricia Stoddard has been captivated by the traditions of ralli quilts since she saw her first one in 1996 when she and her husband moved to Pakistan for his work.  She started collecting and researching ralli quilts and also wrote a book about what she learned.  She has been exhibiting and lecturing about rallis both nationally and internationally for over 26 years.  A large number of her quilts are currently in the collection of the International Quilt Study Center in Lincoln, Nebraska.  She has also supported a cooperative of village women making rallis to provide education for their children.  She will be bringing along quilts for us to see, demonstrating the amazing handwork of the ralli quilts.

614-23: Tuesday Evening Dinner and Lecture - (Registered Person)

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