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Registration is open!!!

Click on the Cover to get to the 2023 Program Guide!  This is a 22-page summary of information.  It does not contain detailed class information.  Additional information can be found on the Summary of Events tab.
If you want more details click on this link and scroll down to the class descriptions.   Classes are listed by National Teachers then by Day of the Week.  If you click on the individual class, you can find additional information about the class, such as kit fees and pre-work information.  

Click the Registration Worksheet below to print a 2 page registration worksheet

Click the Schedule below to print a 1 page schedule for Quilt Fest 2023!

Are you excited about Quilt Fest - Sew Many Stars

Registration will open on July 6, 2023

We will be populating the website with classes and other information throughout the month of May.  Please be patient as we are volunteers and doing our best.  We will have a variety of webpages, and some of the information will be provided on multiple pages, or links to the same information may be on multiple pages.  This is to hopefully ease your searching for different things.

If you are registered, and forget what you have signed up for, you can use your individual login (you set the password) and see what you have purchased.  So, if you want to sign up for a few things - but don't know if you can sign up for other things, that's fine.  You can sign up at different times - assuming that the activity is still available.  

We will again have some printer friendly information - the Registration form, the overall schedule, and a small program guide.  These will be found on this page as they are completed.

Other webpages may be printed, but be forewarned, there may be a lot of pages.

And if you are a vendor - we have a separate page this year for you to sign up or request additional information. Click here for that page.

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