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QuiltFest 2022
October 19-22, 2022

At the David Eccles Conference Center, Ogden, UT

Instructor Application Information
(scroll down for form ... it's at the bottom of this page!)

Application Deadline for
Quilt Fest 2022 is March 15, 2022


The Utah Quilt Guild QuiltFest Committee is now accepting applications from teachers for QuiltFest 2022.   If you have a class you would like to teach, we encourage you to submit your application.  Applications are due by March 15, 2022.  Stretch your imagination and design a class/project that is unique, original, and yes, out of the box and beyond.  Classes may focus on techniques, tips or projects. Lecture/Demo and Technique classes are in high demand.

Please review the following information prior to completing your application.  Do not procrastinate, time is of the essence.


National Teachers:

National Teachers is: 
Beth Helfter at Evapaige Quiltdesigns
Please visit her websites and try not to duplicate their projects or techniques.



Be a current member of the Utah Quilt Guild to receive better compensation.

Have prior teaching experience.

Do not submit a proposed class that you recently have taught.  If previously taught, please state when and where.

Plan for a class length of either 3 or 6 hours.  Lectures should last approximately 1 ½ hours.

Decide which level of student will be most successful in your class. (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, or All Levels)


Application and Picture:

Submit as many applications as you wish.  Use one form per submittal.

Limit the class description to 200 words.  This will appear in the brochure as how you submitted.  If it is too long it will be condensed.  Make the class description fun and interesting.

Relate it to the QuiltFest Theme (Sew'd to Joy) and emphasize the goal of the class.

Include a picture of your project with your application, even if it is a mystery.  A printed picture is acceptable for the selection process if you mail your application in lieu of emailing.   However, a clear digital picture (jpg format) must be submitted to: immediately upon notification that your class has been selected.  Include your name and class title when emailing your picture.  Poor picture quality is a deterrent for the selection process by both the committee and prospective students. 


Supply List:

Limit supplies—classes do not fill if you require too many supplies.  Include everything that is needed during your class time, and do not list non-essential items.  Avoid frustration and added expense to your students.

Do not include Basic Sewing Kit (BSK) items on supply list: (notebook, pen, pencil, eraser & sharpener, 6x12 or 8 ½ x12 ruler, paper scissors, fabric scissors, needles, thread, straight pins, fabric markers (light & dark), thimble, chocolate).  Just list BSK on supply list.

Patterns, Handouts and/or Kits – If you are offering patterns, handouts or kits in your class, please state if it is optional or required, and if there is a fee.  State the fee for any of these three items.  These fees will be paid in class and collected by the teacher.  Students will not be required to pay for anything that is not listed in the brochure.


Copyright Laws:

Copyrighted material can be used only with written permission from the owner.  This is true for books, magazines, patterns, and previous classes you may have taken and are proposing to teach.  There is NO exception to this law and the Utah Quilt Guild will not be responsible if you violate copyright laws.  Be sure to get permission to use any pattern that is not your original pattern.

Class/Lecture Size:

Up to 20 students may register for a classroom.  Lectures may have up to 35 students.  If Youth classes are held, they will be limited to 15 students and will be held evenings and/or Saturday.


Teacher Availability and Special Needs:

Please indicate all times you will be available to each on the application form.  The more days you can teach, your class will have a better chance of being selected.  Please note:  your class could be scheduled for an evening slot.  After classes are chosen, we schedule them according to type and rooms available.  Changing the schedule is not possible. 

Please note any other information that may be beneficial for class selection.

If you have health issues or special needs, please provide that information at the time of class proposal so the UQG can better accommodate your needs.


Supplies Provided by the UQG in Classrooms:

Each classroom is supplied with:  white board & markers, 6’ or 8’ table and chair for instructor, 2 irons and ironing surfaces.

Please do not rearrange tables and chairs without prior permission.  Classroom to be left in same condition as you found it.

UQG does NOT provide projectors, computers or microphones.  Instructor needs to provide his/her own computer and/or AV equipment if needed.  Screens are available on a limited basis.  Please state on your application if you are in need of a classroom screen.

Steps to submitting a class proposal:

Read the instructions, then fill in the application.  Be sure to upload a digital jpg picture of your class.

You can download the application from the UQG website.  If you have Excel, you can type in the information fields.  Then "save as" with the title being YOUR FIRST AND LAST NAME and THE CLASS TITLE.  Example:  Davidene Zimmerman How to Bust Your Stash.

Email the saved application and the digital jpg picture of your class project to:  If you need to print the form and fill it out manually, please mail the form and a clear picture of your class to: Quilt Fest 2022 - Instructor; c/o Marianne Ballash; 9777 S Dunsinane Drive; South Jordan, UT 84009.  If you have any questions, please call or text 801-243-8162.

Class selection is a complicated process which involves balancing techniques, projects, classroom availability and skill levels.  If your proposal is not selected it is not a reflection of either you or your project.  You will be notified of the committee’s decision.

Thank You    

Click here for an Excel version of the Teacher Application

Quilt Fest Teacher Application

Form to submit applications to teach at Quilt Festival.
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