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  1.        Where are the handouts for the Queen of Hexies class?

Directly under the link for the class on your email is another link to the handouts?

  1.        I want to watch a class on my smart tv, Roku, etc.  It doesn’t show up and I can’t put in a link.  How can I watch it?

Here’s an answer I found:

1) start the video on your computer/phone (something that has your email AND Youtube)

2) click the "I like this" icon (thumbs up) - you need to be logged into your YouTube-account!

3) start your YouTube channel on your Roku or SmartTV device in the same YouTube account

4) accessing the left-hand menu, go to "Liked" (I think it is the bottom second-to-last menu item) and you will find all videos your marked liked, even the unlisted ones.

Hope this works for you  :-)

  1.        I didn’t get my email with the links or voting, how can I get it?

Contact Becky Tesch, Web Coordinator at  Let her know what you need and she can help you out.

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