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UQG Members who would like to be included in the Member Mall to promote their services should fill out the form by clicking here. 
Links to the website can be reached by clicking on the name of the company.  Links to the email can be reached by clicking on the Name of the person.

Member Mall




Patterns for sale




Quiltscapes by Deonn Stott
  Contemporary Quilt and Bag Patterns and Kits




Quilting Services




Artistik Nature Quilting  by Becky Tesch
  T-shirt/Memory Quilts
  Custom made quilts using Tshirts or other cloth items to make a one of a kind quilt.

Quiltscapesby Deonn Stott
  Professional Custom & Computerized Machine Quilting Services & Quilt School

Doll Bee Productions
by Paula Dalby
Custom Machine Quilting (not Longarm), Quilt Binding (one-color or two-color; straight grain or bias). 


Embroidery Services




 Artistik Nature Quilting  by Becky Tesch
  Machine embroidery for hire
  Custom machine embroidery including words, simple pictures and appliques.








 VSM 2nd Chances by Leanna Stauffer
Ironing board extension covers - measure 24 x 65 and fit ironing boards up to 18" wide. Fun covers! Portable ironing tables (made with TV trays)
Quiltscapesby Deonn Stott
  Quilt School. Come and quilt! Whether you are just beginning your quilting journey, want to perfect your techniques, or need help completing a project, join one of Deonn's Classes for personalized instruction.
 Doll Bee Productions
by Paula Dalby
Hand Embroidered Items (pre-made on Etsy site, or custom ordered), Small, pre-made items either quilted or crocheted
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