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653-22 Friday Lunch and Speaker -- Beth Helfter – Eva Paige Quilt Designs – Nonregistered/Guest

Are you overwhelmed by scraps, either physically because you are drowning in them or mentally because the idea of a fully scrappy quilt scares you?  The key to scrap containment is consistency, and Beth will show us how to make the most of any pattern by augmenting it with JUST ENOUGH scraps to give it wow without going over the edge into craziness.  Lots of thoughts on what makes a good scrap quilt, why scrap quilts are her favorites and insights into how one idea morphs into so many more during the design process.  You’ll never look at a quilt pattern just one way again!

If you wish to request that others sit at your table OR have dietary requests, please fill out the form here: Table Reservation for QuiltFest Lecture Luncheons

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