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Bronze Sponsorship

Bronze: $100.00 to $149.99  Use the code Bronze49 at checkout to bring the price down to $100.00
Please contact our website coordinator to change the amount if you would like to sponsor with a different amount than $100 or $149.99.
  The email is


your shop name and logo will be placed in 11 issues of the Beeline (the Utah Quilt Guild Newsletter) as a Sponsor. Plus:

    • Your business name and logo will appear in over 300 welcome packets for registered Quilt Fest participants
    • Your business name and logo will be displayed on electronic monitors and various types of signage throughout the Davis Conference Center for the entire event of Quilt Fest, which runs from October 10th through the 14th 2023.
    • Your shop name will be announced at all meals as a sponsor for this event.
    • Your logo and web address will be posted on the Utah Quilt Guild website on our sponsor page.

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