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2020 Silver Thimble Award


The Silver Thimble has been awarded in the Utah Quilt Guild since 1997. These winners have been chosen for their outstanding efforts to encourage, promote and preserve the art of quilt making in Utah. 

Although born in Murray, Utah our winner is a true citizen of the world. She has traveled to, and lived in many countries. All the while she has served and taught and made many lifelong friends. The college degree she earned at the U of U in Foods and Nutrition, and becoming a Registered Dietitian presented many opportunities for service both at home and abroad. Serving others seems to be her special gift.  She has worked in hospitals, clinics, for a youth home and privately as a Diabetes Educator. She has taught everything from cooking to English as a second language. She has always done this cheerfully and with her sweet smile. She always seems glad to see you.

She is the mother of 3 and often had other “kids” in her home that she loved and nurtured as her own, including a Cub Scout Pack.

She studies genealogy and writes about her Swiss and German ancestors. She has also served in many capacities in her church.

She has a large yard that she calls a “park” and is an avid gardener. She hosts many great family parties and social gatherings at her home.

Her service to the Guild is immeasurable. She has been an Area Representative for several chapters. She faithfully attends their meetings, lends a hand when needed and reports their projects and progress to the State Board. She is always teaching and generously sharing what she has learned about quilting since she was 15 yrs. old. She has helped many of us to overcome quilting and personal challenges. She is an organizer par excellence who knows how to get others involved. She has organized, promoted and delivered many community events i.e. Day of Quilting with classes and shows, Heritage Days activities, County Fairs and more. She has a special love for charity projects to benefit the Police Department and other organizations.

She says that quilting is her passion, it keeps her grounded and that it isn’t a “really good” day unless she can sew some. She personally strives for excellence in her own projects and encourages positive change to assist others.

She truly exemplifies the mission of the Utah State Guild, To Encourage, Promote, and Preserve the Art of Quilt Making in Utah.

Please congratulate Marlene on being the 2020 winner of the Silver Thimble Award.

Past recipients are:

Marlene Rapp 2020
Kaye Evans 2019
Cindy Hutchison 2018
Elizabeth Teerlink 2017
Charlotte Davis 2016
Barbara Walsh 2015
Sharon Wright 2014
Bonnie Miles 2013
Virginia Lee 2012
Carol B. Johnson 2011
Jodi G. Warner 2010
Pamela Morgan 2009
Nancy Henderson 2008
Betty Mae John 2007
Jeanne Huber 2006
Ruth Moon 2005
Tamara Boren 2004
Dick & Gayle Frandsen 2003
Marva Dalebout 2002
Pat Hansen 2001
Millie Olmstead 2000
Hortense Harward 1999
Eunice Young 1998
Saundra Trip 1997


In 1997 the first Silver Thimble award was created to recognize outstanding service and commitment to the Utah Quilt Guild and its mission to encourage, promote and preserve the art of quilt making in Utah.

If you know of someone special, who has contributed greatly to the promotion and enjoyment of quilting in the area served by the Utah Quilt Guild, please consider nominating them for this prestigious award. Is there someone who has inspired you to be a better quilter or who has been an impressive force in bringing quilters together?  Fill out the form below and nominate this special person for the Silver Thimble.

Silver Thimble Nomination

Form to nominate a person to receive the Silver Thimble
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