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This year's 2021 QuiltFest theme is "Discover the Artist Within."

Quilt Fest 2021 will focus on how to discover the artist within each of us. Join us at the Davis Conference Center September 14-18, 2021. Because of the need this year for social distancing and the wearing of masks, we will have to modify Quilt Fest from what we are normally used to, but overall, it will be much the same as other years. The only difference is that there will be smaller classes (and less of them), we will sit further apart at our luncheons (and probably less will be able to attend) and we will have to be more aware of ourselves and how we interact with others. But we can still have lots of fun! My tip is to register early so that you can plan on being with us. Today is not too soon to make hotel reservations at the Hilton Garden Inn in Layton. When you register, please use the code: QUILT to receive the Quilt Fest price of $102.00 per night for your room. Along with classes and lunchtime lectures, we will also still be having our Retreat Room, our regular UQG Quilt Show, a vendor’s mall as well as mini-quilts, Auction Baskets, Quilts of Valor, Hand Quilting, used book sales and the challenge quilts—for the Alice and QuiltLand, Deck of Cards and Discover the Artist Within Challenges. There will be plenty for all to do. Come join us—it will be fun!
The 2021 Quilt Challenge is: Make a quilt in the style of your favorite artist. You must name the artist (famous artist or quilt artist) and not violate copyright. You can use fabrics of your choice, but the quilt must have a perimeter of at least 80" but not larger than 144".

These quilts will be displayed at QuiltFest 2021.  Viewers Choice Awards will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.
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