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pring is here and it is time for our 2021 Remote Fest.  Join us for  5 on-line classes with a full month of viewing, from April 30 to May 31st, 2021.  Also included with be a fantastic Virtual Quilt show! The teachers are fantastic!  The classes are amazing and the quilts are to drool over.  Don't miss it.

Registration is a simple flat fee of $35.72 (with a 30% discount for UQG members) and pays for all 5 classes.  Kits and patterns are separate and may be purchased from the teacher directly

Remote Fest Kits and Patterns are available directly through the teacher.  Their information follows:
Emily Bailey's Double Wedding Ring single arc ruler
Emily Bailey's Double Wedding Ring templates
Deonn Stott's email is
Mary Evan's email is
Amy Robertson's email is

Click here or any picture to register.

Florence Evans--Scrappy Triangle

Levels: All levels

Description: Improvisational piecing and lots of scraps combine to create artsy triangle quilts. Choose from a number of different quilt plans (each with multiple size options) and learn to make four different base units. If you have previously taken Florence’s Wild Geese class, then you’ll want to sign up for this class to expand upon what you’ve already learned and to get inspired with lots of new ideas!

*Sewing machine, with foot pedal, accessories, extra needles, etc. *Extension cord
*Thread to match your background fabric
*Rotary cutter and mat
*Rulers: a long ruler (i.e., 6” or 8” x 24”) and a small square ruler (i.e., 6” x 6”)
*Optional: half-square triangle ruler
*Basic sewing supplies (pins, seam ripper, marking pencil, etc.)

Emily Bailey--Mad Hatter Crumb

  All levels

Description: Turn your scraps into fun, interesting fabric.  Then learn how to use that fabric to create quilts full of memories, interest, and flair.  Use this fabric in your favorite traditional blocks. We will explore how to cut our made fabric into arcs for a double wedding ring quilt.  Plus learn how to applique with it.  Apply the methods that speak to you to create your one-of-a-kind project. Clean up your tea party crumbs and end up with fabulous modern quilts. 


*Scrappy crumbs from your stash,
*Background fabric,
*Sewing machine,
*Basic sewing supplies,
*Rulers for cutting and squaring up. 

If wanting to make the double wedding ring please have the Double Wedding ring single arc ruler, (
Double Wedding ring templates, (
template plastic for tulip pattern if that is the project you would like. 
I will have patterns available that use this method or you can create your own project.

Deonn Stott--Iridescent Star

Level: Beginner

A delightful explosion of color, this quilt is a great way to bust your stash and build your skills!  Each color uses no more than a 10-inch square and works wonderfully with both solids and prints.  Learn some of Deonn's best tips for precision and speed piecing, then we'll take a look at color placement options to create luminosity, depth and dimension in the design.  56" x 56" Wall Hanging or Lap Quilt.

Pattern Fee: $10

Kit Fee: $30 (optional – contact Instructor)


*Basic Sewing Kit,
*6-1/2" Triangle Square-Up Ruler by Quilt-in-a-Day,
*Matching or neutral thread.

Main Prints:  A selection of 8 or so colors (prints or solids),
each in varying tints and shades from light to dark.  The cover quilt used 27 colors of 10-inch* squares: 6 blues, 2 blue-greens, 3 greens, 4 yellows, 3 oranges, 2 reds, 5 pinks, 2 purples.  Approximately 2 yards total.

Background:  2 yards (I suggest Silver, Black or White)

Border:  1 yard (optional); may be the same as background

Binding:  5/8 yard

Backing:  4 yards

*NOTE:  (4) 5" squares may be used in place of (1) 10" square.

HELPFUL TOOL:  6-1/2" Triangle Square-Up Ruler by Quilt-in-a-Day

PATTERN:  Find the Iridescent Star pattern at Quiltscapes' Etsy Shop:
Paper copy:
Digital copy:

A limited number of KITS are available.  Email:

Mary Evans--Paper Piecing 101

Levels: All Levels

Description: If you want to learn basic paper piecing, this is the class for you. It’s fun and it’s easy and accurate. We will make several different blocks. When you finish these blocks, you will have enough to make a small sample quilt.

Kit fee: $5 (Includes pattern)

*Sewing machine
*Add-a-Quarter inch ruler, 6 and/or 12-inch length.
*Add-a Eighth inch ruler, 6-inch, optional
*Several different colors of fabric. Nothing too large. (White, Red, Pink, Brown, Green, etc.)
*Neutral Thread Needle 90/14
*Glue stick
*Basic Sewing Kit Seam pressing tool (Or a small iron, i.e., Clover mini iron)
*Small pressing mat
*Small cutting mat
*Rotary cutter
*Small design board

Amy Robertson--March Hare Collage

Levels:  All levels

Pattern Fee: $6

Description: Are you longing for something a little different? Every adventure requires a first step, and the March Hare quilt might be just the right place for your quilting adventure to begin!

If you've been wanting to try fused applique and floral collage but feeling a little intimidated, this project is the perfect size to try it out. You'll get plenty of tips to help you be successful and you'll learn about things like color choice, fabric selection, and how to arrange your floral elements to get the affects you want.

Bring some of your favorite floral fabrics to play with.  If we're feeling really daring, we can even swap flowers with each other for more variety! And there's no obligation to stick to the colors you see in the class sample. You can make this quilt uniquely your own.

But your journey into wonderland won't end with collage.  You'll also have some fun with fabric inking and thread sketching, just to round out the adventure.  And if you're worried, don't be. This is just an introduction. You won't get lost down any rabbit holes--you'll only be dipping in your toes and it's really much easier than it looks.

At the end of your travels, you'll have a colorful art quilt top, all ready to be quilted.  As a bonus, you'll get a demonstration and instructions for how to assemble your quilt sandwich and you'll get ideas for easy ways to quilt it on your own machine.

We can tackle all of this together without going completely mad--I promise. But if you're already entirely bonkers, come join us anyway. After all, all the best people are.


*Sewing machine that sews a good straight stitch  ;
*Light box or LED tracing pad (Medium to large is best.  If you don't have one, don't purchase one just for this class.) 
*A good pair of detail scissors (A medium size with a comfortable grip. I love my Karen Kay Buckley 6-inch Perfect Scissors.) 
*Rotary cutter & small mat (optional)

*7-9 inch hand embroidery hoop
*Applique pressing sheet (Parchment paper also works)   
*Freezer paper 
*1"-2" wide masking or painter’s tape 
*Wet wipes/paper towels 
*Black or dark Sharpie, regular tip 
*Erasable marking pen or pencil like a Frixion pen, a chalk pencil, or something similar 
*Curved quilting safety pins 
*An apron to protect your clothes.

*Also, fabrics and thread.  Teacher will provide list.

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