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Have you ever wanted to learn more about being a quilt show judge?  Maybe you want to learn more about thing judges look for in quilts?  Maybe you’ve been asked to help at various shows around the state or even into neighboring states.

Well about 10 years ago, the state guild put together a certification class.  It is not recognized by any of the national organizations, but it is recognized within the state.  And there has been a desire for the guild to conduct a similar event to expand the number of Utah Certified Quilt Judges.

We’re going to be conducting this class on May 8-9 in Mapleton, UT.  The class will run from 10-3 each day, and lunch will be provided.  The cost of the class will be $25 per student, and this will cover the costs of the lunches and some paper materials.

The class will cover topics such as What are some of the key differences (or maybe the sameness) of Traditional , Modern, and Art quilts.  What are aspects of a good quilt top – piecing, applique, embellishments, etc.  What are aspects of good quilting – both machine and hand quilting (and long stitch).  What are some aspects of good finishes for a quilt (binding, back, clean, etc)  How does the wow factor come into play?  The final activity will include some “judging” of quilts and the comparison of those critiques between participants.

The format of the class will be a group learning approach.  Some of the members will present information about techniques they are familiar with and have had success (or maybe failed attempts) so that we can all learn and appreciate the efforts.

This class will include a lot of discussion among participants, and a lot of show and tell based discussions.  Please come willing to share and participate.

Please plan to bring a sweet or savory snack to share.
Please bring paper and pencil or pen.
Please bring 1-5 quilts of various techniques, preferably lap/twin size or smaller.

Additional information about location and other logistics will be provided to participants when they are available.

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This class is to expose potential judges and others to quilting techniques and qualities. People that complete the class will be listed on the web-site and may be called upon to judge various shows around the state.

Cost: $ 25.00
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