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From Our President, Cindy Hutchinson


How lucky we all are to be such liberated women! We are able to choose what we like to do and not be told what we have to do. We are no longer hiding in the shadows of others.

As I watched the women of Morocco go about their daily lives and heard stories of their independence, I felt such remorse and empathy as I thought of their futures. We are so fortunate to be able to buy fancy sewing machines and embroidery machines. Instead of a handmade loom, where a woman sits on the floor on a board or a piece of cardboard, we are able to use electrical power that plugs directly into the walls in our nice sewing rooms.

I have a choice of which fabric store I will drive to in my car to purchase fabric. I do not have to tear up old clothes and use the scraps to make a quilt in order to keep my children warm or sell my quilts in order to feed my family.

I have a comfortable chair to sit in while I sew, instead of sitting on the floor. I have several pairs of sharp scissors—some for paper and of course my good pair for cutting fabric instead of a dull knife. I do not have to stand on a corner and beg people to buy my goods. I am able to give my quilts as gifts to others. The women of Morocco appear to be happy in their daily lives but you could see how far they will have to go to become independent women.

I have had wonderful opportunities to be able to see for myself just how fortunate we all are within the diversity of this world. I appreciate different cultures and the lessons learned from them. We are all very fortunate to be able to decide that we will be sewing today with our friends, order take-out for lunch, and sit down in the evening in front of our TV’s and bind another quilt.

Each year the president of the Utah Quilt Guild chooses an organization or charity they would like to support. Over the past several years we have supported the Utah police officers, Happy Chemo and Foster Children of Utah. This year I have selected the Battered Women’s Shelters of Utah and Eastern Idaho. There are 18 shelters throughout these areas. Within these shelters there are over 570 beds and 82 cribs. Some of these shelters also       accommodate pet boarding.

I am still in the process of trying to talk to each shelter’s volunteer to find out more specific information with regards to the exact size of the beds at each facility, and whether or not they will take tied quilts and receiving blankets. The facilities that have pet boarding could possibly use pet beds. Several of our members make pet beds from their fabric scraps.

Over the next couple of weeks, I should have more specific information with regards to the questions I have. As soon as I obtain more information I will let you all know specific details. I have made arrangements with your area reps to collect the quilts and coordinate with their local shelters to insure they get de-livered.

Winnie Rhodes from the Ogden Quilt Guild has begun to organize sew-ins for members over the next several months. Way to be on top of this Winnie!

If you are going to be cleaning out your sewing rooms in the next few months, perhaps you will have some scrap fabrics that could be used to make some great scrap quilts for this project.


Love and Stitches- Cindy 


Grand Canyons Quilt by Carol Johnson

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