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From Our President, Krisanne Watkins

Happy Birthday, America!

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. Who can resist the great foods, family and friends gathering, and fireworks?

It is a wonderful opportunity to remember the sacrifices made by so many in order to craft a country unique in the world because of the great freedoms we enjoy. If it weren’t for the sacrifices and foresight of these great settlers of our nation, it is doubtful we would be able to enjoy these many freedoms today. The shapers of our nation created a haven for those who were seeking new opportunities full of promise with visions of a better life in a brave new world. They came literally from all over the world. In my case, these brave men and women left home and family behind in England, Denmark and South Africa. Imagine what it was like to leave your parents and siblings, knowing that you most likely would never see them again?

One of my great grandmothers, Kjestin Marie, ventured from Denmark with her new husband to travel across the plains with a handcart company. At 20 years of age, she buried her beloved husband beside the trail, and continued on alone to set up housekeeping in an unfriendly and challenging environment. Journals contain many stories of very difficult times for her over the next several years.

But they also contain stories of successes and happiness, and very little record of complaint. Kjestin excelled in the needle arts, was known for creating beautiful crafts, including quilts. One account describes how, in the early years, there was only one needle in her community. The women of the settlement shared it in order to make the necessities of life in a harsh environment. It took a few years before they were able to obtain a new supply. Kjestin expressed her gratitude that she now had a needle of her own in order to make clothing and bedding for her growing family. While many of her quilts were utilitarian, an account by my grandfather described their beauty and artistry.

Thanks to their sacrifices, we live in a great country and enjoy unlimited freedom. I personally know, thanks to my stash, I will never in my lifetime face the challenges of sharing a needle with my neighbors. I doubt that I ever need buy another inch of fabric, and could easily piece quilts every minute of time I have left on this earth. My husband and I have been lax in creating a will. I have, however, made it clear what is to happen to my quilts and my stash when I die.

That said, my intentions are to celebrate the freedoms that I have by creating more quilts! While there are many techniques that I have mastered, I intend to take advantage of the numerous opportunities I have to improve my skills. There is a great group of ladies at my local quilt store, who have formed an informal applique group. While my ability to routinely attend this group has changed, I cherish all that they freely shared with me, and look forward to the time when I can once again join them each week.

I just returned from the Panguitch Quilt Walk. This is such a wonderful event that celebrates one small community’s heritage of quilts. There were wonderful classes and amazing quilters. One of the best parts of attending such an event is the friendships made and renewed. Kudos to them for creating an amazing retreat.

Hopefully by now, you have checked out the many wonderful classes offered at Quilt Fest. What skill do you need to develop or perfect? I am certain that there is at least one class that will provide instruction to further your talents in the quilting arena. Wendy Jones and her committee are working hard to make this year’s Quilt Fest a rousing success. Please check out the classes. Our local teachers are the best; they have much to share with us. If you are unfamiliar with the national teachers, you can get to know more about them via the internet. I have taken classes from both Mary Lou Weidman and Ami Simms, and can personally attest that both will entertain you, as well as provide instruction. I plan on taking a class from Linda Ballard this year. In viewing her website, I noticed that she has so many quilts under her belt, that her classes are divided into alphabetical categories. She is a very experienced quilter, and I look forward to learning from her.

There are numerous positions opening on the Board. If you are interested in serving, please let me know. I know that we need applicants for President Elect, Secretary, Beeline Editor and Holiday Quilt Show & Auction, with a few others contemplating change. Wendy is hopeful that we have more than one candidate for each position.

Quilt Fest will be here before you know it. I cannot wait to spend those days with you….

Singer Featherweight Membership Winner: Congratulations to Nelda Finicum of Fredonia, Arizona for being the winner of the membership drawing of the 1937 Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine. Thanks to Mary Lou Blaser and family for providing the servicing of the machine, and Sylvia Zobell for finding it for us!

Krisanne Watkins, President UQG 2014



Grand Canyons Quilt by Carol Johnson

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