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The Quilt Festival for 2020 has been canceled.  But, wait!  There may be 'magical' online options ahead.  
Watch Here! 

The Challenge Is Back!


If you don't already have 20/20 vision, and we're guessing that very few of you do, put on whatever device you need to give you enhanced vision and join us in a challenge to see all of your quilts completed in 2020.  Yes, after a year down the rabbit hole the "unfinished" challenge has resurfaced, with a new name -- IQ's or "Incomplete Quilts."  Why the change?  Because this is a challenge to complete quilts, not just "projects."  There will be three qualifying sizes: 
Size 1 will be quilts measuring 36" up to 59" vertically.  
Size 2 will be 60" up to 79" vertically. 
Size 3 will be any quilt over 80" vertically. 


Of course, as always, there are plenty of incentives for you to participate.  Five rewards are possible. Click here for all of the details!



The Utah Quilt Guild (UQG) is a non-profit organization formed in 1977 to encourage, promote and preserve the art of quilt making in Utah.

 To achieve these goals, the UQG fosters an appreciation of fine quilts, sponsors and supports quilt shows, teaches quilt making and seeks out and preserves the history of quilting and quilt makers.