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Calling all Apprentice and Wizard quilters!  

We are looking for quilts for the quilt show at Quilt Fest.  (Wow, that’s a lot of “quilts” in those last two sentences, just like we want a lot of quilts for this show!)  The first 100 people to entry a quilt for the show (either to be judged or for display only) will receive a bag full of quilting goodies.   We have a $10 gift certificate from Nuttall's; thread from It’s Sew Moab; a Creative grids 2-1/2” x 6-1/2” ruler from Scrap Apple Quilts; True Grips (package of 15 small and 15 large) from Grace Company; a small notebook from Josephine Keasler; and a certificate good for free UQSM 2020 class registration (a $15 value) which is also good for 3-days admission (a $30 value).  All of this is in a bag lovingly made by various UQG board members.  We continue to receive additional items, and of course there will be some treats of some sort included as well.  (Only one bag per participant). See all the quilt show rules in the Quilt Fest booklet or on the website.

We have arranged to have various quilt shops around the state to serve as collection points for quilt drop off.  My Girlfriends Quilt Shoppe, in Logan;  Wimmer’s Sewing and Vacuum, in Ogden and Layton; Nuttall’s Sewing Centers in Layton, Ivy Place, Riverton, and Pleasant Grove; K&H in Kaysville; Jewel’s Fabric Stash in Bountiful;  It’s Sew Moab, in Moab; and Scrap Apple Quilts in St. George. In-store quilt drop off is September 2-7 (noon on the 7th).  We may be adding more shops to the list next month, so check back in August to see if there are additions.

Also, you can contact your area rep and they may be able to help you.  In addition, you can send the quilts directly to Louise Mudd (address: 1102 E 2550 North,  Layton, UT 84040).  Quilts need to be to Louise by September 10th, unless you have notified Louise on your entry form that your quilt will be coming to the Davis Conference Center on Monday September 16 between 3-5 pm.  Need to use that option and didn’t put it on your original entry form? Please contact Louise directly to make a change  (email –  Let’s make this a great show!

Checklist for Entering a Quilt in the Quilt Show

1 – Read the quilt show rules in the QuiltFest Brochure or click here

2 – Send your entry form to the by August 15, 2019.  If you are submitting electronically, print out your entry form.  If you are using the form provided in this brochure, pleases make 2 copies of your entry form.  Keep one copy for yourself and attach one copy to the back of your quilt.  Note on the entry form if you will be delivering your quilt on Monday, September 16.  We recognize some quilts will be coming from other shows, such as the State Fair, and we will be accepting quilts in the lobby at the Davis Conference Center between 3-5 pm on September 16.  You must identify your quilt on your entry form as coming in during this timeframe

3 – Have your quilt completed with proper sleeve and label.  Click here for instructions on making a sleeve.  Be sure to scroll down, to the bottom of the page. 

4. – When delivering your quilt, attach a copy of the entry form to the bag you are using to deliver your quilt.  Paper or plastic bags please.  You will not get back the same bag you delivered your quilt in. 

5. – Deliver your quilt(s) to selected shops before September 7, 2019 (Shops will be identified in the July and August Beeline) or you can mail or deliver you quilts by September 10 to :  Louise Mudd, 1120 E 2550 N, Layton, UT  84040   If you are delivering in person, please call first (home 801-771-9379, cell 385-445-8500)  If you are delivering the quilt to the Davis Conference Center on Monday, September 16, make sure that is identifies on your entry form.  Otherwise, late quilts will not be accepted.


Remember, the show will end on Saturday September 21, 2019. 
You may pick up your quilt after 3:30 pm, at the lobby entrance to the Stratus room. 
Please bring a copy of your entry form to pick up your quilt.


The Utah Quilt Guild (UQG) is a non-profit organization formed in 1977 to encourage, promote and preserve the art of quilt making in Utah.

 To achieve these goals, the UQG fosters an appreciation of fine quilts, sponsors and supports quilt shows, teaches quilt making and seeks out and preserves the history of quilting and quilt makers.