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From Our President, Krisanne Watkins

It is with mixed feelings that I sit down to write my last official article as President of the Utah Quilt Guild. I do have to confess to some elation, because creating this article each month has been a bit stressful at times. But, I will miss this chance to connect with each of you via the printed word.

Thanks to my friend Joyce, I had the great privilege to attend Houston Quilt Market and Festival for a few weeks recently. In trying to explain why I wanted to go again this year to my sports enthusiast husband who happens to be a former basketball referee, I compared this opportunity to obtaining free tickets to the entire NCAA Basketball March Madness tournament. He now understands why I wanted to be in Houston in late October and early November.

Quilting is alive and well in our great country. I loved wandering the huge Conference Center and seeing all of the great fabrics, tools and treasures that will be coming to our local Quilt Stores over the next several months. Many of these goodies found their way home with me, and I am so excited to start using them. Two of our national teachers for Quilt Fest 2015 had booths at Market: Lisa Bonjean of Primitive Gatherings and Cynthia England. After viewing their newest ideas and chatting with them in their booths and otherwise, I am even more thrilled that they will join us at Quilt Fest 2015.

Since I happen to be writing this article just prior to Thanksgiving, I am thinking about all of the great people and opportunities that I have come in contact with over the past year.

Hats off to all of the members of the UQG Board. They are all wonderful women, incredibly talented, and hard working on our behalf. Thanks to all of them for their guidance and counsel this year with a Rookie President lacking previous Board experience!

Many thanks to Shantelle, for being an excellent Beeline Editor, as well as a great friend. She has done an excellent job in this position, and will be very hard to replace. (If you are interested in filling this position, we would love to hear from you soon please).

Thanks to Crystal North, for her work as Secretary and Mentor. She really kept the whole board organized and on top of details. And, she is the luckiest person ever. Ask her about her recent winnings at Quilt Festival in Houston.

Sylvia Zobell left the Board earlier in the year. She is so dedicated, that she is completing our donation quilt for the Holiday Quilt Show and Auction, even though she has stepped down. Thank you, Sylvia.

Josephine Keasler will be missed as well, as she takes a break from Guild leadership. She has amazed me often with her great talents, and abilities to accomplish whatever she wants to do. Wasn’t our quilt show memorable this past Quilt Fest with 183 quilt entries?

Wendy Jones did much to teach me the ropes of the President’s role. I learned from her, and asked her a zillion ridiculous questions. She never lost patience with me. We shared a few crazy afternoons at the Davis Conference Center prior to Quilt Fest.

And finally, I am really grateful to have such a wonderful person following me as President. Cindy Hutchinson is so on top of all details that the Guild will benefit greatly from her leadership in 2015. She will aptly lead us. I have total confidence in her, and know that my beloved Quilt Guild is in wonderful hands in the future.

Thank you, Guild Members, for your support and helpful hints over the past year. I love my associations with all of you.

Krisanne Watkins, President UQG 2014

Grand Canyons Quilt by Carol Johnson

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Quilt Fest 2015

Sept 15 – 19, 2015 

At the Davis Conference Center 
1651 North 700 West
Layton, UT

to make reservtions at the
Hilton Garden Inn
call (801)-416-8899
(be sure to mention the Utah Quilt Guild to get the special $99 rate.)

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