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There are two different log in to this website (which is just to make our lives difficult and is definitely working.)
You do NOT need to log in to purchase anything or see any page except those listed below.

1st  The log in to see the BEELINE, Member DirectoryResource Instructors and Board Members is your email address and the password:   buyfabric     If you are not a member, it won't work.
2nd   The link that simply says "Login" gets you to your customer records and shows anything you have bought through the website over the years.  This login allows you to set your own password and change it as needed.

Are you interested in becoming a certified (in Utah only) quilt judge or just knowing what a judge looks for?  Take the UQG Utah Quilt Judge Certification class on May 8-9 in Mapleton, Utah.  Click here.

The Utah Quilt Guild (UQG) is a non-profit organization formed in 1977 to encourage, promote and preserve the art of quilt making in Utah.  To achieve these goals, the UQG fosters an appreciation of fine quilts, sponsors and supports quilt shows, teaches quilt making and seeks out and preserves the history of quilting and quilt makers.


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UQG Block of the Month
We have been working on a Block of the Month for Utah Quilt Guild. Here is what we are planning: For a $10 entry fee, you will receive a block pattern every month via email for 10 months, plus a pattern to put the blocks together as shown in the picture. You will have until October 2023 to complete your project.
Does it have to be the whole quilt? Nope! It just has to have 1 block from the Block of the Month featured in it.
Can it be done by your Guild instead of an individual? Yes! A guild can sign up and create something.
What if I decide after May 2022? Then pay your $10 on-line and we’ll add you to the list. You will also receive any of the prior months at the time you sign up.
Does it have to be at Quilt Festival in person? Again, Nope! We will have an Online Gallery Show. (In addition to an in-person show for those that would like to participate!)
If you participate in either the Online Gallery or the in-person show, you will receive $5 of your entry fee back.
What happens to the remaining part of my entry fee? The remaining $5 will go towards a “Prize pot”. We’ll distribute the prizes to the winners we select at random from the people that submit finished entries. We plan to draw these prizes during the opening event of Quilt Fest 2023, and no, you do not need to be present to win.
Does it have to be made in the colors shown? Absolutely not! Make it yours… Use Christmas colors, scraps, purples, etc. Anything that you desire is fair game.
How do I sign up? Click the link above.
 I hope you join us in this fun activity! Any questions, you can call Ruth Davis (385) 837-9554. Or email me at
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